Serving cows will help you wash away all your bad deeds

Cow Seva Benefit

Serving cows will help you wash away all your bad deeds

This Kaal (time) is Kal Yug. Here time seems to be moving at a faster pace, wherein the individual hopes and aspirations to obtain fast results out of every job they perform have become paramount.

The matter of fact is Prayer and Seva does not need time, but the will to perform. There is a famous saying “Where there is a will there is a way” so is the case for Sat-karma (good deeds) that helps us purify the mind and soul.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make all people agree on this, because all minds need the proof and results but again I would say faith in God should be build – not proven, earned not claimed and secondly, you must first deserve and then demand.

God is not for us to provide any explanation, but out of his generosity, he repeatedly enlightens the lost and confused mind and soul of people of earth.

In addition, we must not forget to understand his language the way he wants us to understand, we need his grace, but for this, we have to first, seek refuge into His lotus feet completely. Then, perhaps we may certainly get the answers for, why his universe is like this, the way it is?

Gau-seva is essential not only for Vaishnav’s but also for all believers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma

During the SATYUG (world’s first age of truth), cow (Dharma) stood steadily upon the earth with its four legs. In this period, people had to perform Taap (meditative penance) for thousands of years to get their desired fruit.

During the TRETAYUG (the second stage of less than perfection), cow (Dharma) stood steadily upon the earth on three legs. In this period, people took years to obtain fruit of Taap (meditative penance).

In DWAPARYUG (the third stage of dwindling and disappearing perfection), cow (Dharma) stood steadily upon the earth on two legs. In this period, people took months to have fruit of their Taap (meditative penance).

In KALIYUG (the fourth and current age of decadence), cow (Dharma) stood steadily upon the earth only on one leg. This is the golden period for people because they can have fruit only by chanting the holy name of Bhagwan Shri Krishna, and performing His Seva.

Why Gau Seva ( Serving Cow) ?

Purna Purshotam Bhagwan Shri Krishna is known as Gopal – nurture of cows, He is Gouala – cowboy, He loves cows & calves and takes them to the forest for grazing. These few words, about Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s love for cows, shows that how much the cow has a respect, sacred Jiv-atma and doing Gau-seva will help us in many ways. Further, we treat cow, as mother and every one know that equivalent to mother’s milk is cow’s milk and is considered as mother’s best replacement.

How will I benefit from Gau Seva ?

The answer to this you will find only when you view your life more closely – just zoom in. Ever wondered, why in spite of every luxury we have today – why still we have sufferings, illness and to top it all lack of mental peace.

It is seen everywhere stress is around and that accompanies many diseases and makes us unhappy. This is part of the karma (deeds) we perform, to satisfy the necessities of life. Money is always good and is an essential requirement and we make all attempts to earn a good living for our family.

However, unknowingly, the way we earn money may be wrong or right, which makes our money impious (bad) or pious (good). In addition, the use of impious earring is the main cause of all suffering. What we eat is bought with money and what we are eating have direct effect on our mind and soul.

Now to change the source of earrings may not be practically possible, in today competitively world, especially when you are directly not involved in or aware of wrongdoings. Our needs are always unlimited, so the best option you have is to purify your earrings for a better living.

By this you are ensured of being blessed with Sad-budhi (righteous mind), which is required to stay focused and progress in your career. The easiest and best way of purifying good or bad money is to do Gau-seva (serve cows) so that our mind and soul are not affected.

The easy and best way of purifying our earning is to do Gau-seva (serve Cows), but how?

Do Gau–seva in our daily routine of life. It is neither time consuming nor it takes much effort from our end? “Quick and effective” is the slogan of todays fast pace life. Just go back in our childhood when our parents bought us a moneybox and taught us how to save. Similarly, we being like children have to have a moneybox to train ourselves to save money for Gau-seva.

What should we do ? How can we perform Gau Seva ?

Physically of course, but how many of us have the time? Even if, some people have time then are we staying in close proximity of any Gau-Shala, in most cases the answer will be ‘No’. Then we are left with just one choice to help all those people who are already doing Gau-seva,but how to help them and what type of help can we do?

Financial help is only last resort for us. We can do this by cultivating a habit to contribute some percentage from our monthly earning in the moneybox named as ‘Gau-Seva box’ or in the age of Digital, can provide financial assistance to Gaushala through Digital Money Transfer, according to our capacity. This procedure will certainly help us to collect a substantially good amount in a year for Gau-seva and this will also result in purifying our earnings, thus removing all obstacles from our life and blessing us with vision of rightness. Through this seva you have unknowing served 330 million Devtas, which dwell in cow’s body, proof of this can be found in Vedas.

In Atharva Ved it is said: Various Devtas and other subjects represent cows body.

Brahmaji resides in Cow’s back (upper) part.
Vishnu in neck.
Rudra in mouth.
Devtas (all) in middle part.
Maharisis in hairs.
Annant Naag in tail.
Mountains in feet.
Ganga (river) in urine.
Shri Laxmi in Chaan.
Suriya (sun) and Chandra (moon) are in eyes

Now, may be convinced that through performing Gau-seva, you can actually worship and serve so many devtas. Otherwise, serving all these devtas may not be possible in your daily routine due to lack of time and resources.

The power of Cow is immense:-

  • The cow milk, cow yogurt, cow ghee (clarified butter), cow excrete and cow urine are considered most sacred for varieties of purposes including religious and medicinal purposes.
  • Any place is purified if the place is sprinkled with waters mixed in Cow dung.
  • Even in places where horrible acts happened such as murders and any other atrocities could be restored to purity, if a group of cows is made to reside therein for three days and three nights.
  • Donation of a cow in charity and early morning darshan of cows bring much luck to human beings.
  • As long as man mishandles cow so long, he suffers on Earth and he would not find way to the super upper world. Today’s man is suffering in every sphere of life you may want to give a different reason to this but the bottom line is he is responsible for denouncing 330 Million Deva and Devis, whether he likes it or not or whether he beliefs in them or not.
  • Where a cow stays agitated, hungry, thirsty or frightened there humans meet with excessive conflicts leading to unhappiness. (the truth about this is today unfortunately each and every country is slaughtering cows and you practically see there is suffering in every country where is peace on this planet earth).
  • A child born under unlucky stars is passed under the body of a cow to offset the effects.

By Gau-seva…What we get…

  • Where the cows live peacefully, enjoying food and drink where its breath remains rhythmic due to the poise, there the negative energies is warded off.
  • If one wish to fulfill himself with all the happiness, he should offer food and drink to the cow i.e. every day one should remove Gau-grass – some portion of food, from our meal before we eat and offer it to a cow. If literally, he cannot take out Gau-grass then he must set aside some amount for cow, according to his financial capacity.
  • Protection of cow clears all impediments, which come in way of life.
  • Worship of cow and to serve cow, would bestow the ability to regulate senses.
  • If one arranges treatment to a sick cow to restore her health, the cow reciprocates to restore health to the one.
  • If one protects cow from fear, he transcends from the fear he suffers from.
  • When difficulties surround man and when he finds himself in un-surmountable difficulties worship and service to cow helps clearing the way.
  • When you find a cow hungry and thirsty, do not neglect to attend to it.

Vaishnava Tradition

Particularly cows that are perceived in the Indic thought, specifically in the Gaudia Vaishnava tradition. The Vaishnava system believes that the Infinite is not something that is abstract and impersonal; the Infinite is known to be the supreme person Krishna, and what does Krishna do? He takes good care of cows. Krishna is known to be an untiring champion of gau seva, taking care of the cows , and points out the references to cow care in Indic scriptures.

Explore references related to the cow from the Rig Veda and the Bhagavata Purana to medieval bhakti poetry. Combining all together, scholars have counted around 700 times that the words implying a cow have been indicated in the Vedas.

The Vedas have profoundly rich poetry that determines that cows and hymns are all related with the rituals. Puja is considered to be a temporary ritualistic activity mostly done for a distinctive purpose to get specific outcomes for oneself as compared to seva on the other hand is considered as caring for the other person. The word person in a broader sense displays that the cow is also considered as a person. Likewise, a mother cares for her child which is seva, unconditionally, constantly and attentively. The three sticks tied together indicate the three aspects — service of Krishna with body, mind and soul, at all times.

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