Pure Desi Cow Milk Ghee (Desi Ghee)

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Desi Ghee made from Grass-Fed Cows
This is a Vegetarian product.

Benefits of Pure Desi Cow Ghee

1. Helps reduce Cholesterol Level
2. Promotes Digestion Process
3. Boosts Immune System & Prevents Infections.
4. Prevents Arteries from Calcium Deposition.
5. Prevents from unnecessary Fat Deposition.
6. Promotes Wound Healing.
7. Nourishes Skin and Hair.
8. Promotes Bone Growth.
9. Promotes Brain Tissue Development.
10. Prevents risk of Chronic Arthritis.
11. Improves Memory Power.
12. Improves Metabolism & Lowers the Insulin Resistance.

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A spoonful of pure desi cow ghee is a spoonful of health, taste and flavour as well.

The Bilona churned desi ghee is prepared by the ancient traditional Vedic process using earthen pots and churners. For thousands of years, pure desi ghee is used for cooking, Ayurvedic medicine as well as rituals during festivals or special occasions as a sign of purity and auspiciousness.    

How is the Vedic process of preparing ghee carried out?

The preparation of grass-fed ghee starts by boiling the A2 milk which is grass-fed cow’s milk in earthen pots. The yogurt is churned by using wooden churners. Further, the butter is simmered under a low flame in order to obtain pure cow ghee. The milk obtained by the Sahiwal cows is one of the best sources of milk amongst all. Suresh Ghee is well-known for its amazing taste, quality, bold aroma and nutritional value. We neither torture cows for getting milk nor inject them with infections. We do not use any other cow’s milk except our cows which are there in our Gau-mandir.

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Essential Ghee health benefits include:

A ghee manufacturer cannot claim the organic status of his produced ghee regardless of how pure it’s unless an organic product certifier officially endorses it as a licensed organic product. Organic status may be a matter of in-depth process of chemical testing and checking of the product’s manufacturing process and quality/traceability of raw ingredients, etc.

These are the health benefits of organic grass-fed ghee which will assist you to enjoy better stability of health and wellbeing, consistent with Ayurveda.

  • Natural weight loss: healthy saturated fats present in ghee promote a filler food and control calorie intake.
  • Ghee boost the immunity of the body with the assistance of ghee nutrients.
  • If you add pure ghee to the diet, it supports digestion and reduces the matter of acidity and flatulence of the ghee users.
  • Keeps bones strong and offers to look after skin and hair.
  • Take care of vision health and cure the irritation of dry eye syndrome.
  • Improves memory and reduces the danger of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for elderly people.
  • Ghee butter is suggested for teenagers, adults, seniors, and even recommends the diet of a pregnant woman because the nutritious content of ghee offers many therapeutic effects for its consumers. Pure ghee is considered as one of the quality dairy products, which is useful in ayurvedic medicines as ghee can enhance the absorption rate of the body.
  • If good quality ghee within the diet includes a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and proper rest, a private with general health. It will surely get some advantage in the body for natural weight loss.

Just keep your ghee consumption in check, and it’s enough! Grass-fed ghee is a highly dynamic food supplement that goes a long way in the long run. Don’t step back to consume ghee, feel free and relish the benefits of ghee. 1 kg ghee price ranges about Rs. 2390. You can buy cow ghee online, at our online store. Visit our website

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Shelf life of Desi Cow Ghee

Ghee should be stored in airtight containers where there is no direct sunlight and keep it away from moisture. It can also be stored in refrigerators if the duration exceeds three months. The actual duration to finish the pure desi ghee is approximately a year or unless it does not have any smell or changes in its appearance.

Tip- Always use a dry container and also a dry spoon, when you take it for use.

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Usually, people have a question that why Desi Ghee price costs higher or what is the pure ghee price presently available at online stores? Are they dependable? etc etc.

Why Desi Ghee price is greater than the normal ghee?

The pure ghee price is greater than the normal ghee because it is prepared by the ancient Vedic method without any chemicals or preservatives or any kind of machines for churning the curd. The milk is firstly boiled in the earthen pots and further churned by the wooden bilonas. Thus, this method is time-consuming and labour intensive as well. To prepare just 1 kg of ghee, 27-28  litres of milk is being used which therefore makes it pure and healthy. Thus, the pure ghee price is usually costlier than the other normal ghee.

There are many brands that claim to sell ghee online at lower prices. Suresh Ghee that we prepare on our farm is costlier just because it is organic and also requires manual work. 1 kg ghee price of Suresh ghee is Rs. 2390. This table will give you a better idea of what I was trying to tell you.

Why Desi Cow Ghee :

Buy Pure Desi Cow Ghee Online : Order Now. Free Shipping

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Pure desi ghee is a superfood that has got its comeback on the Indian dining table again. The benefits of using ghee in your everyday diet can help you to maintain good health for the long run. It has medical as well ayurvedic considerations which makes it an ultimate superfood. 

Even babies can have pure desi ghee after the age of 6 months in order to keep them fit and healthy. Pregnant women and lactating mothers can also have pure desi ghee daily in order to keep themselves as well as the baby healthy.  

If you are already using the Suresh Ghee we would like to thank you because purity matters at the end of all. 1 kg ghee price = Rs. 2390. Buy Desi Cow Ghee online at our online store