Ram Dayal Pure Desi Cow Dung Cake


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  • Known for its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Dried cow dung is used in havans and homams.
  • wealth and comfort :child to the childless couples
  • Used for havan/puja : Package Contents: 50 – Piece Indian Holy Cow Dung Cake

Used in Havans, in combination with pure cow ghee (clarified butter) which is offered as part of rituals, is said to strengthen the ozone layer which shields the earth from harmful radiation. Also used in Agnihotra pooja. Used in cooking (as fuel).Traditional wisdom says that in burning these cow dung cakes, the temperature never rises beyond a certain point ensuring the nutrients in the food are not destroyed by overheating. Cow Dung Ash – from patties/cakes used in cooking /havan also acts as an excellent -Pot cleaner -dry, it absorbs oil and fat from utensils ; wet, as a general cleaner. Benefits of Praying Gau mata on Goverdhan Puja Gau pooja with devotion marshals the positive powers of all the Devtas and shaktis for the wellbeing of family, society and nation. The benefits of Gau Puja are many out of which some are listed below: helps to remove poverty gives a person health wealth and comfort child to the childless couples grants forgiveness to unpardonable sins gives strength to overcome enemies unity in a family


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