Health Benefits of Drinking Milk with Ghee at Night

Health benefits of drinking milk with ghee at night

We have all heard about the benefits of having desi cow ghee and cow milk individually. Although, we don’t get to hear a lot about the benefits of having cow ghee with milk which is very highly recommended by Ayurveda. We know! It really sounds weird. We have always had ghee on our dal chawal or roti. 

But it is said that when ghee is consumed with milk, it is most beneficial. There are even more benefits of drinking milk with ghee at night. The only thing we have to ensure is the authenticity of the ghee and the purity of the milk. All these benefits are only due to the consumption of 100% pure and organic grass-fed cow milk and ghee.

Desi ghee has excellent healing properties and it is one of the most popular Ayurvedic foods. It has strong relevance to our lives as it is not just a part of our traditional cuisine but is also strongly recommended by Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties. Desi cow ghee is full of antioxidants and is also anti-fungal and antibacterial in nature. 

Loaded with fatty acids and vital nutrients, desi ghee is also considered a superfood. Desi ghee is considered to be most beneficial when consumed with milk. In ancient times, Ayurvedic physicians not only recommended milk with ghee as a part of the diets but were also what the kings and warriors consumed for bodily strength.

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Adding a tablespoon of ghee to a glass of hot milk and drinking it before bed will enhance your digestion and clean your stomach in the morning. Desi ghee in hot milk benefits us in many ways like it keeps us active and providing a combination of vitamins and minerals together. 

According to Dr Vaibhav Lunkad, the Sexiologiest combination of ghee and milk is a great source to increase your sex energy. So, it is advisable for couples to get benefits from drinking milk with ghee.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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Drinking hot milk with a spoon of desi cow ghee will also improve the metabolism and detoxification of the body. It helps reduce stress, relieve burning sensation and restore immunity & strength.

benefits of having grass fed ghee :

Desi cow milk ghee is loaded with many benefits which include cleansing our stomach and detoxifying the body. Desi cow ghee from grass-fed cows is effective in boosting digestive strength by stimulating the secretion of enzymes. People with weak digestion must consume ghee to digest their food better. 

Ghee is one of those rare substances that help balance Pitta without diminishing the digestive potential of the body. You can cure constipation with ghee. According to the author at “Drinking a warm glass of milk containing a spoon of cow ghee before going to bed will enhance your digestion power and clean the stomach in the morning.”

What is the real desi ghee?

According to Ayurveda, desi milk cow ghee is full of essential nutrients, fatty acids, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidants, and antiviral properties. 

It is cool, sweet and full of saturated fat. You can add 2 teaspoons of it to your cooked food during lunch or dinner or you can use it in cooking. 

If the ghee is in the solid state then warm it for some time till it becomes liquid. Keep in mind that if cow ghee is very old then it is more effective and costly.


Improves Digestive strength : Ghee with milk improves our digestive strength. It stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes inside our bodies. These enzymes help in breaking down the complex food that we consume into simpler food components, which facilitate faster digestion. The combination of Ghee with milk also aids constipation.

Boosts Metabolism : When you consume ghee in milk, it works as a detoxifying agent and assists the body in getting rid of harmful toxins. The consumption of this mixture will help in boosting metabolism along with building strength and energy.

Relief from Joint pain : Ghee is a known lubricant and helps in reducing the inflammation caused in joints. When consumed along with milk, the bone-strengthening qualities of milk also have an amazing impact. All that is required is a glass of milk and a teaspoon of pure desi cow ghee.

Developing stamina : Consuming milk with ghee improves our stamina and provides us with energy and strength to perform physically demanding jobs as well. People who work in fields, in sports or have a physically active job should definitely try this combo.

Helps in curing Insomnia : Our changing lifestyles and work stress have caused severe insomnia issues in our generation. Many young people have started consuming sleeping pills to avoid sleep deprivation. But why not try our age-old and safe home cure? We all know that having warm milk at night helps in relaxing and soothing our bodies. But very few people know that mixing a teaspoon of Ghee in this milk actually helps in getting better sleep.

Youthful and Healthy Skin : Ghee and milk are both natural moisturizers. They are known to help in solving skin issues like dryness and uneven complexion. Dull and lifeless skin is a common thing now thanks to pollution and stress. Having ghee with milk every day will help in getting back the skin glow. This magical combo ensures that your skin stays moisturized even in the dry winters and summers.

Enhances the 5 senses : Drinking cow milk with ghee is also recommended for young and growing kids. The consumption of ghee with milk helps in developing our body tissues. It also helps in enhancing the 5 senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. It assists in increasing memory and awareness.

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Better Sex Life : Consuming milk with ghee regularly is known to enhance sex life. It helps in increasing sex drive and sexual stamina along with semen production. This combination is also recommended by doctors.

Reduces Stress Level Of Body : Ghee on consumption with milk helps in overcoming stress and provokes deep sleep. People with Insomnia can have this simple remedy and enjoy deep sleep at night. People managing a busy life will find this ghee treatment effective in handling their anxiety level and get rid of depression.

Boosting fertility of men and ladies : Grass-fed cow ghee at a moderate level helps to spice up the natural fertility of men and women. Plenty of fertility-related medicine is made with cow ghee because of the libido-boosting properties of ghee.

The high smoke point of grass-fed ghee prevents cancer : Pure desi ghee provides a high smoke point as compared with usual oils like vegetable oil, oil, canola oil, etc. it’ll control the assembly of harmful free radicals. because the cancerous disease has become a world threat, the anti-carcinogenic property of ghee is a great relief for people. you’ll use ghee as healthy vegetable oil for preparing foods. Desi ghee offers a winning combo of health benefits like weight loss, diabetes control, natural cancer protection.

Increase endurance : Milk with ghee increases our body’s endurance and provides us the vitality and power for performing physically challenging activities. This intake is right for athletes for rigorous activities.

Managing chronic constipation : Warm water with ghee at night is the simplest way to enjoy ghee’s benefits on constipation. Pure desi cow ghee contains butyrate acid, a proven remedy for keeping a healthy colon. Ghee at midnight with warm water is useful in avoiding constipation problems. In a glass of lukewarm water just add one teaspoon of ghee and drink it before bed for the detox effect.

Stimulating the secretion of enzymes : For stimulating the good hormone secretion drink a spoonful of ghee with a glass of lukewarm water before bed. As it helps in balancing the hormone levels and will help in many disorders.


Can Ghee Enhance the Five Senses?

Ghee is considered as an essential carrier of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, along with beneficial fatty acids such as linolenic acid and arachidonic acid. Its effective and powerful amazing quality contributes to its nutritional profile.
Consuming a combination of milk and ghee before bedtime has been associated with the enhancement of the five senses.It supports the development of body tissues, enhances memory and awareness, and improves sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell in young and growing children.

Is the Milk and Ghee Combo Beneficial for Expecting and Lactating Mothers?

For the expecting and lactating mothers, implementing a combination of milk and ghee into their nightly routine can be beneficial. This type of  combination supports the baby’s healthy bone development and adds to complete strength.

Can Milk and Ghee at Night Aid Weight Gain?

If weight gain is an objective, the combination of milk and ghee before bedtime can be potentially effective. This mixture helps in weight gain, creating it a beneficial alternative for those focussing to increase their body weight.

Does Ghee Provide Mental Health Benefits and Reduce Stress?

The blend of milk and ghee give  mental health benefits. Milk produces glutathione in the brain, battling oxidative stress, while ghee’s rich consistency of vitamins, nutrients, and DHA is pivotal for mental well-being. Ghee consists of CLA, encouraging a spike in the level of HDL or good cholesterol and a reduction in LDL or bad cholesterol. Furthermore, the tryptophan in milk converts into serotonin, supporting nerve relaxation. Such milk and ghee concoction not only caters as a stress-reliever but also contributes to enhanced brain power and improved memory skills.