How to use whey protein?

How to use whey protein :

You might have heard about the natural protein being used as a supplement to improve muscle mass. Many would have a myth that natural protein powder is only used by bodybuilders, athletes and hulks. Or there are few category of people who believe that taking supplements may not be healthy. But the actual fact signifies natural whey protein as a source of protein which is consumed as a supplement when the food you intake has less amount of protein content in it. Including whey protein powder in your diet as a supplement can be beneficial to get your desired body shape with the right amount of workout.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of  organic whey protein

  1. Builds muscle
  2. Reduces hunger crave
  3. Improves energy
  4. Reduces fat
  5. Enhances immunity
  6. Antioxidant
  7. Treats type 2 diabetes
  8. Beneficial for bowel movements
  9. May lower blood pressure
  10. Effects on blood fats
  11. May reduce inflammation
  12. Anti-cancer properties

How is natural whey protein available?

Whey protein is available in dry and powdered form.

How to take organic whey protein powder?

To get the right benefit of using whey protein, it is important to know the usage of whey protein. The whey protein powder comes in flavoured form which can be added to smoothie or shakes. You can also blend the powder with fresh fruits or you can add them to soft foods. You can also blend it with just milk. Or you can add it 200-250 ml of water and shake well before you drink. Taking natural whey protein shakes is a better option as it tastes good and is also stomach filling.

How to take organic whey protein powder :

How to know if you need natural  whey protein?

Whey protein powder offers fast digestion protein which is beneficial when consumed after workout. Have your regular balanced diet with the right amount of workout. Using whey protein powder as a supplement is only to fill in the nutritional gaps to complete the diet. Consume good amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutritions for a vital health balance.

When to take organic whey protein powder?

When to take organic whey protein powder :

This is the frequently asked question by many individuals. Taking whey protein after a workout is the best time to consume whey protein powder because it is the obvious time when your muscles needs it the most. Within 30-40 minutes of finishing your workout will initiate the recovery by flooding your bloodstream with amino acids. Amino acids are quickly regulate into the muscles cells to become a new muscle tissue. You can also prefer taking whey protein powder 30-60 minutes pre-workout.

Can you take organic whey protein powder during workout?

No, do not take whey protein powder when you are working out. The reason behind a ‘No’ is simple. When you eat food, your heart pumps extra blood to the stomach because your food has to get digested. In turn energy gets obtained. And when you are working out, the blood transports to other parts of your body. Hence, it may deprive you to pump blood in the targeted muscles and less muscle gains.

How does natural whey protein powder work in your body?   

When you increase your natural protein powder intake, you give your muscles more time to recover but will also grow faster. Throughout the digestion process, the protein is broken down by dietary enzymes called as proteases. The quicker they are broken down, the faster they are converted into amino acids which repair the muscle tissue and also promotes quicker as well as natural growth. It also improves the overall immune health of the individual by keeping them healthier and stronger with the right exercise. Taking whey protein shakes before or after workout, can be beneficial to the body to manage weight.  

Organic Whey protein powder for Weight management

Weight management is a physiological processes which contributes to an individual’s ability to maintain weight. Weight management involves developing ways to identify ideal body weight. It also involves healthy eating practices and routine physical activities. Here is a outlook about whey protein benefits for weight gain as well as weight loss.

Organic Whey protein powder for weight gain

Organic Whey protein powder for weight gain :

When you workout you create microscopic tears in the muscle fibres it tears are then repaired and strengthened with the help of protein. Thus, it becomes utmost necessary for one to consume enough high-quality protein and too at the right times. As we all know, whey protein is one of the purest forms of protein and its role in helping you increase weight cannot be overlooked. You can take whey protein powder for breakfast with any fresh fruits or berries which will be your pre-breakfast meal.

Organic Whey protein powder for weight loss

Organic Whey protein powder for weight loss :

People who take whey protein powder as a supplement significantly lost more body fat and showed a greater preservation of lean muscle when compared to subjects consuming the control beverage. If you think eating just twice a day can help you lose weight that’s not true. You can have whey protein shakes between your meals. The natural whey protein benefits you by balancing the ghrelin and leptin levels of secretion which in turn decreases the cravings for hunger. And you will not end up overeating. You can suppress your appetite and the feeling of fullness will help you maintain your body weight.

Will natural whey protein make you fat?

No, whey protein does not make you fat. You will get fat when you consume more than you burn fat, you will surely get fat. If you give your body the right amount of exercise and the right amount of nutrition, you can surely maintain the right body shape you desire. It not only helps you to maintain your desired body shape but also helps you to be healthy.  

But if you do not exercise everyday, you may gain a little fat in your body. As whey protein powder is easily digested by the body, it leads to increase in insulin level after consumption. Thus, whey protein benefits as it burns fat when you are leading an active routine that includes exercise and physical activity.


Usually, you can take 1-2 teaspoon of organic whey protein powder after workout everyday. You can use organic whey protein powder as a supplement only if the protein intake is less in your diet.

Side effects

  • People with kidney problem can avoid the intake of whey protein powder.
  • Too much is too bad, no matter what! If you take in too much of whey protein which has high source of protein can cause digestive issues such as diarrhea, crampedness, nausea etc.
  • If you are lactose intolerant, then you can avoid intake of whey protein powder as it causes adverse effects depending upon the degree of intolerance. Instead consume foods with high protein content.

In order to reap the benefits of whey protein powder you need to choose the best organic whey protein powder. Make sure that it comes from grass-fed cows. You might have had a myth that whey protein can be consumed by bodybuilders, athletes or hulks. But, every adult who feels that there should a supplement of protein in his/her diet plan can take natural whey protein without any worry. Protein helps to generate hormones, enzymes and body chemicals. Thus, the protein is an important building block of bones, skin, blood and cartilage etc, which tells that the body needs large amounts of proteins along with fats and carbohydrates etc.

Working out on a regular basis is one the best way to keep yourself healthy and also to get your dream body shape. In order to build muscle you need to have protein synthesis in your body. Taking protein sources can help  you in order to get a good lean body shape. Taking the best whey protein powder for men and women can give you added advantage in order to meet your requirements. When we are not able to give as much as proteins that is required to our body through the foods we consume, it becomes essential to consume the best whey protein. But generally speaking, whey protein powder has is suitable for many people and they can consume it without problems.


Can Individuals with Lactose Intolerance Consume Whey Protein?

Whey protein separately is virtually free of lactose, possessing the trace amounts (<0.5g per serving). While several lactose intolerant people can safely consume whey without adverse side effects, it is recommended to consult a medical practitioner if there are any queries.

What are the Guidelines before consuming Whey Protein ?

– Resist overconsumption; protein consumption should be equal to or less than 2.2 grams/Kg of your current weight per day.
– People being allergic to dairy products should abstain from consuming whey, as it may be difficult to digest.
– Some people may find it difficult or uneasy to digest Indian whey protein.
– Individuals with kidney issues should avoid whey consumption.

Is it Safe to Daily  Use Whey Protein ?

When consumed appropriately, whey protein is normally safe for most adults. Although, high doses may result in side effects such as extreme bowel movements, acne, nausea, thirst, bloating, minimized appetite, tiredness, and headaches.

What are Consequences of Protein Deficiency ?

Protein deficiency can lead to severe implications for several factors of health. Since the body is essentially composed of protein, insufficient consumption can result in skin degeneration, wrinkles, increasing aging, stunted growth and development in children and teens, elevated risk of bone fractures, slow muscle recovery, hair loss, fatty liver, and swelling. Furthermore, protein deficiency can slow down the healing process, continue infections and illnesses, and induce feelings of extreme hunger, potentially resulting in overeating and weight gain.
While vegetarians are less likely to come across extreme protein deficiency with a balanced diet, even moderate deficiency can have long-term consequences. Consistent protein supplementation can help manage entire health and assure individuals enjoy the advantages of a vegetarian diet.