How Desi Cow Ghee helps in Everyday Problems

How Desi Cow Ghee helps in everyday problems :

Ghee is one such ingredient that is loaded with amazing benefits. Let me tell you the role of ghee to cure various problems or ailments which bothers you every day.

Ghee nutrition facts

This nutrition information is provided for one tablespoon (15g) of ghee.

  • Calories: 130
  • Fat: 15g
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Carbs

Since ghee is nearly completely pure fat, it doesn’t contain any carbohydrates.

  • Fats

Like most cooking oils, ghee is extremely on the brink of 100% fat. One tablespoon contains 15 grams of fat, 9 grams of rate which include saturated fat. The remaining fat content is categorized between about 5 grams of beneficial monounsaturated fat and fewer than one gram of unsaturated fat. 

Ghee’s values are concentrated than regular butter, so it does promote more calories and more fat (including saturated fat). Like any fat, ghee should be used as a base to enhance other foods in sense of taste and flavour and not due to the majority of the meal.

  • Protein

Ghee may include trace amounts of protein that will remain in the milk solids (whey) aren’t completely taken out in the clarification process.

  • Vitamins and minerals

The micronutrient quality of ghee can vary by brand and thus the diet of the cows that offer its milk. In general, one-tablespoon ghee serving  proportion of vitamins contains about

  •  8% of daily intake (RDI) of vitamin A
  •  2% of vitamin E,
  •  1% of vitamin K.

You would need to eat more fat than is suggested to urge enough of those nutrients through ghee. So it’s great to consume a moderate amount of ghee while cooking vegetables and other foods as a topping with fat-soluble nutrients so your body can absorb the nutrients to boost your health.

Pure Desi cow ghee for everyday problem

1. Constipation

Ghee is a fat soluble element. It eases digestion which in turn also eases constipation problems. When constipation problems are reduced it thereby increases the functioning of the body parts and also keeps the body active.

2. Anti-aging  

Have organic ghee in your balanced diet or spread it over your chapati, add a spoonful of ghee to your regular rice and dal. If you like having it just like that, you can even have a spoon of grass fed ghee regularly to promote anti aging. So by consuming organic ghee, you can get rid of early wrinkles and look young and energetic.

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3. Clogged nose

Ghee is also used to cure clogged nose. It is also told that less immunity results in cold and cough other than reasons like allergies or infections. Thus consumption of 1 tablespoon of pure desi cow ghee with a glass of warm water can help in curing clogged nose.

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4. Body massage

Massage is an old act practiced from many years. There are various forms of massage which is related to health purposes. Regular massage keeps the body active and relaxed. It promotes good blood circulation, elimination of top layer dead cells, re-moisturizes the skin and lets you sleep peacefully etc. There are several other Ayurvedic massages in which organic ghee is used as a main oil to cure various ailments from the route of cause.

5. Eye – brightener and improves eyesight

Ghee gives a cooling effect and also helps to brighten the dull eyes. Some common practices like mild massage of forehead with pure desi cow ghee, consumption of 2 teaspoon of organic ghee and 1 tablespoon of honey can also help in improving eyesight.
To know the ghee benefits, continue reading…

6. Soft and supple lips

Dry and chapped lips can be one of the annoying condition which can be cured with a simple home remedy. Use few drops of pure desi cow ghee and softly massage your lips before you sleep. By doing this regularly you can have soft and pink lips.

7. Healing property

Ghee acts as the best natural healer of wounds, burns and cuts. Thousands of years of ago, ghee was also used as an ointment to cure burns and wounds. Ghee is directly applied on the wounds or burns as it also provides instant relief due to its cooling property. Regular usage of ghee on the wounds or burns  can result in cure after a certain period of time.

8. Weight management

Ghee is used to manage weight. May it be increasing of weight or decrease of weight, ghee goes well for both. But always remember that too much consumption of ghee will lead to obesity.

9. Sex hormones booster

Ghee has fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K are absorbed with fat and is stored in the gastrointestinal tract which helps for a proper metabolism of the body. Ghee acts as a booster to the sex hormones in the body. The cholesterol, vitamin A and vitamin K2 found in ghee also plays an important role in hormone synthesis & toxin detox. By stimulating bile release, good sources of saturated fats like ghee encourages detox, balances hormones and weight loss.

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10. Lubricator

Vitamin K2 is one of those important vitamin which helps to increase bone density and strength. Ghee has a lubricating property which also lubricates the joints and also absorbs calcium in bones.  

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11. Immunity

Ghee is one such ingredient that is loaded with antioxidant which is helpful to absorb vitamins and minerals in the body. It is also said to be an immune booster. Thus, it is very important to have a balanced diet everyday. Consumption of a particular amount of pure desi cow ghee in your diet can be very beneficial to increase the immunity of your body. Drinking milk with ghee everyday will also benefit you. If you are still confused about which is the best ghee to buy? Buy grass fed ghee at our online store .

12. Moisturizer

It acts as a moisturizer to the dry skin. It is one such ingredient which is suitable for all    skin types. Using organic ghee for face as well as over the skin can be very useful as it goes into the skin and its fat gives a protective coating which can overcome dry skin. It also helps from dehydration of the skin and also from the cold, hot or windy climatic changes which in turn affects the skin health.

13. Hair conditioner

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Desi ghee acts as a conditioner to the hair and thus makes your hair soft and strong. Use of desi ghee for hair growth will also benefit you with long and shiny hair. You can apply ghee over your scalp and also hair.  

14. Positive mind

Ghee helps to reduce depression and supports to maintain a positive, calm mind.

1 spoonful of warm desi cow ghee intake improves your ojas status, so indirectly it will decrease symptoms of clinical depression. Few drops of warm and pure desi cow  ghee is poured into the nasal passage which travels to the brain and results in providing relief to the mind. Hence, ghee indirectly helps to suppress depression.

15. Best food supplement

You may be having various confusions regarding the balanced diet you should follow everyday. See to that your balanced diet has a good amount of leafy vegetables, pulses, unsaturated oils and spreads, plenty of fluids, starchy foods and some dairy products. But it does not mean you over eat them or fill the plate with all the elements everyday. Grass fed ghee is one such essential fat which plays a vital role when added in a balanced diet. Thus pure desi cow ghee is used as a regular food supplement in the diet.

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benefits of consuming desi ghee

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When we discuss the food treasures which act as a remedy for our everyday problems, we surely cannot miss out on mentioning desi cow ghee. Pure desi cow ghee is one of those common food supplements that are always available at home. 

Many years ago pure desi cow ghee was being used as a basic cooking oil in the Indian kitchens. But now, other oils like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and daldas have become dominant over the auspicious grass-fed ghee.

Desi Ghee has been one of the most popular ingredients in Indian food for centuries. Its Ayurvedic properties make it a multifaceted healer, and treatment of various ailments. As per Ayurveda, Desi Cow Ghee improves memory and intellect, and aids digestion. It also helps heal wounds, makes skin lustrous and increases immunity.

In recent times we have seen the resurrection of ghee. The myth that ghee is unhealthy and causes weight gain is slowly dying. Consumers want to go back to their roots and make use of the benefits of all organic and ayurvedic products.

There are many more ghee benefits that can be relished by its usage. Here are those basic problems which are suffered on a common basis regularly or even on a daily basis. And if you are still hanging on to the myths like ghee is not good for health or does not cure any ailments then you will be stuck with it even after many years. 

Break these myths in your mind and use ghee to get rid of the problems you face every day. I ensure you that, you will surely not regret using ghee for the rest of your life. And if you are still confused with where to buy ghee? Or which is the best ghee to buy? Then the best choice will be Suresh Ghee from Suresh foods. You can buy pure desi cow ghee which is basically grass-fed ghee from our online store. Visit our website to know more.

While you now know why you should be eating ghee, it is also important to know what kind of ghee you should be eating. Today in the market, many brands sell ghee made from the milk of hybrid/foreign breed cows or buffaloes, some even laced with animal fat. These ghees do more harm than good, as they have a higher fat content, and may also contain traces of antibiotics and hormones.

Desi Ghee made from the milk of grass-fed Indian (Desi) cows is ghee of the highest purity and quality. Also, ghee, like the Suresh Desi Ghee, is made using traditional methods, without any additives or preservatives.

Desi Ghee made from the milk of grass-fed Indian (Desi) cows is ghee of the highest purity and quality. Also, ghee, like the Suresh Desi Ghee, made using traditional methods, without any additives or preservatives, is what you should be looking to add to your pantry!


Does Desi Cow Ghee work for individuals with lactose intolerance?

Desi Cow Ghee generated with the process of the vedic bilona ‘cultured’ method is deprived of lactose since the ghee-generating process includes the removal of milk solids. Such makes it appropriate for people who are lactose intolerant.

Can individuals with cholesterol issues consume Desi Cow Ghee?

Desi Cow Ghee caters as an outstanding source of favorable cholesterol required for the body. It supports the production of HDL and may render to minimize VLDL. It is suggested to implement a minimal amount of bilona ghee into your routine meal.

Is Desi Cow Ghee appropriate for vegans?

Desi Cow Ghee is a dairy product obtained from cow’s milk, creating it not completely appropriate for vegans. Although cultured ghee (dahi-ghee) goes through a procedure that entirely removes lactose, granting it a potential choice for individuals with milk allergies. Vegans can evaluate substitutes choices such as cold-pressed oils rather than ghee.

Can Desi Cow Ghee be used externally?

Certainly, Desi Cow Ghee can be massaged topically for moisturization of the skin and hair conditioning. Its inherent attributes make it an important contribution to skincare and haircare routines.

Ways to Integrate Desi Cow Ghee into Your Dietary Routine ?

Incorporation desi cow ghee into your meal is an effortless method to suffuse a burst of flavor into your diets. You can include it for sautéing vegetables, frying, baking, or as a flavorsome apply on bread or toast. Moreover, ensure to drizzle ghee over cooked rice, dals, or soups to increase both their taste and nutritional consistency. Ensure in mind the value of utilizing ghee in moderation, making its calorie-dense nature.