Must Have Desi Cow Ghee In Winters

desi cow ghee in winters :


A spoon of desi cow ghee every day during winters can help you stay warm, energetic and healthy in cold weather. When winter strike we try to include fresh, warm foods in the diet and avoid food that leads to cough and cold. 

Desi Cow Milk Ghee is one of the many food items which you would like to add to your daily diet in winters to keep the cough, cold and laziness away.

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Ghee is a type of clarified butter, rich in vitamins A, D, E, K and omega 3 & 6. Desi ghee is an essential part of traditional Indian cuisine and has been an integral part of delicious and healthy dishes. 

In Ayurveda “Ghee” has been subjected to Ayurvedic medicine which has many benefits. You will get the benefits of ghee only when you are using Authentic and pure cow ghee.

In winter we use to consume more food than any other season. Due to the cold weather, we like to face many problems like Cough and Cold, blocked nose, Chest with congestion, chapped lips and cheeks, dry hairs, indigestion, laziness and so on. 

Using cow ghee as a medicine we can cure all these symptoms of an unhealthy body. Cow ghee not only makes us strong from the inside; but also retains our beauty from the outside.

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Why ghee should be your best friend in winter: 

If you hate feeling cold, you’ll fall enamoured with ghee. Daily consumption of 1 teaspoon of ghee makes sure that your body stays warm throughout the winter. The healthy fats in ghee boost your immunity and keep you away from annoying colds tired. 

It may offer you relief from a nagging cough. Consuming a teaspoon of ghee daily on an empty stomach in winter helps in improving digestive functions by stimulating the secretion of gastric acid.

  • It will keep you warm within, according to Ayurveda our foods also depend on certain nature; warmness in the cool season. Ghee is considered as warming food and it is the best thing to include in your kitchen pantry. 

    You can add a spoonful of ghee on rotis or add in your sabzis. Also, you can do a home remedy for immunity for that heat a tablespoon of ghee and add cinnamon, cardamom to it, infuse it properly. Once the ghee is cooled then take out cinnamon and cardamom from it. Can help with a sore throat. 
  • During winter one huge problem with hair that becomes dry and brittle. But if you take help from the Ayurveda route, ghee enriched with vitamin A, D, and E promotes hair stronger from within. 

    Ghee also provides a great moisturizer for your hair. Have a habit of using a small amount of conditioner after washing your hair with a mild shampoo to make your hair soft and silky.

Benefits of Cow Ghee in winters:

1. Keeps you warm and energetic

Desi Ghee is keeps your body warm from inside and build immunity. To produce heat within the body it needs to burn fat and desi ghee is the healthiest and; a digestible fat.  It also keeps you immune from the common winter diseases.

2. Energy Booster

Ghee has medium and short-chain fatty acids which act as a good source of energy and also act as a strong antimicrobial and anti-fungal substance.

3. Relieves congested nose

As the weather changes and is in, a majority of people suffer from a cough and cold. According to Ayurveda, Nyasa treatment is a helpful remedy to soothe cold and clear the clogged nose. Just two drops of  lukewarm desi cow ghee into both nostrils whenever you feel clogged or during bedtime. In addition to relieving the congested nose, it also treats headaches, migraine and cervical spondylosis.

4. Eases constipation

In winters we like to have hot-served food and majority of us will not deny the fact that whatever we are having hot is Fries like puri, potato chips, hot buns, these food is not good for digestion. Ghee is an effective remedy for those suffering from constipation and eating ghee during pregnancy benefits the mother as well. Having a cup of hot milk with 1 spoon full of desi ghee at bedtime can help get fresh easy in the morning and can also help boost the metabolism.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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5. Act as a Skin tonic

Ghee is good natural moisturizer and healing agent. Generally people experience chapped lips and cracked heal in winters. If we apply warm pure desi cow milk ghee on our lips and heals, we can get smooth and healthy skin in few days.

6. Get a brighter skin tone

If you use Ghee with raw milk and besan (gram flour) and make a paste, apply the paste on your face regularly, you get brighten skin tone. Eating ghee gives you better eyesight and rubbing a drop of ghee on your eyes at night, will help you get rid of Dark Circles.

7. Healthy hairs

People have been using ghee for hair growth, and you can get the same benefit too. Just massage your scalp with warm ghee mixed with equal parts coconut oil. The blend nourishes your scalp and encourages hair growth. Massage ghee into dry and coarse hair to take care of split ends. Warm up a little ghee and apply it to the ends of your locks.

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There are many other benefits of Cow Ghee in winters which can be listed as follows:-

  1. Ghee helps the body absorb and use fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins A, D, E and K. It improves digestion and eyesight, keeps muscles healthy and removes impurities from the body.
  2. Omega 3 fatty acids present in Ghee help us fighting dry skin. Ghee Hydrate our skin and make our skin soft and healthy.
  3. Another benefit of ghee for skin is that it helps defy time. Massage it into your skin daily and beat ageing by many years.
  4. Drop of ghee on chapped lips and navel will help curing chapped lips and make your lips soft and pink.
  5. You can use ghee for hair, and turn dry and frizzy hair into soft, shiny and manageable tresses.
  6. Ghee makes strong bones and increase brain development in your child-health.

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The art of producing flavorsome and savory ghee is a time-honored tradition, infused in history. Embarking with the transformation of milk into butter by way of the centuries-old methods of churning, which is then rigorously converted into ghee. Although such methods may seem uncomplicated, the quality of ghee is essentially strapped to the quality of its constituent requisites. Ghee produced from pure, freshly obtained organic milk stands head and shoulders way beyond the ghee yielded from conventional milk in the matter of taste, nutritional richness, and overall benefits. Tragically, commercially produced ghee is more often vulnerable to infringing, with the mixture of ingredients like coconut or almond oil and hydrogenated oils like vanaspati, leaving the consumer’s health at risk.

Our Organic Ghee is a deed of love, conscientiously produced from organic milk obtained from our wholly organic farms. Our cows are benefited by a diet of organic fodder, resulting in contented, freely wandering lives and churning out milk that is untarnished through artificial additives, pesticides, antibiotics, or any harmful chemicals. Rather, such milk is loaded with the inherent goodness that nature contributes. Such a pure and nutritious aspect is lovingly transported to our ghee, concealing it with nourishing value, purity, and a magnificent essence.

Our profound respect for traditional ghee generating methods in our product with the authentic savor and fragrance. Such method embarks with the careful collection of fresh cream procured from organic, wholesome milk, which is then cultured to improve its flavor. Such cream is subsequently convulsed to produce a wholesome, nutritious butter.

So, use Ghee in winters not just of making your food so delicious; but make yourself healthy and beautiful. Start using Ghee; but pure and authentic cow ghee to make the best out of it. Please remember Ghee is a type of FAT and one should not consume ghee more than the subscribed limit per day, even in winters.