Cow Ghee in Yagna (Havan)

Cow Ghee in Yagna (Havan)

Yagya/ Homa is a spiritual action and a blissful sacrifice performed by a group of Panditsby chanting the Vedic mantra. The Vedic Pandits perform this auspicious action with the purity of mind and intense focus. Their deep focus and Vedic performance can gently help in solving problems, conflicts as well as reducing blockages in one’s life. Literally Yagya means – selfless sacrifice for good purposes. Sacrificing material attachments, ego, jealousy, etc. and adopting normal thinking, humane sympathy, mercy, sacrifice nature and for the welfare of all.

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Importance of Cow Ghee

Ancient Pandits always described it as God’s Food. Pure Cow’s Ghee is an auspicious item and contains maximum divine power. As per Vedic scriptures, pure Cow’s ghee offers huge benefits to the person who is participating in Yagya / Homam.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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Why only Pure Desi Cow Ghee is best? It is a big question that may erupt in the mind of the person. The reasons are many; any unpolluted ghee (without any additional preservatives) contains maximum divine properties which help to enhance cosmic energy around the environs. It also improves one’s aura and completely guards them against any sort of negative influences (evil effects).

Benefits of burning Cow Ghee in Yagna

  • Purify the atmosphere
  • Produce oxygen in the environment
  • Disinfects air and cleans the environment
  • Heal the respiratory system and clear any blood clots and bacterium affecting the nasal, lungs and veins.

The cow ghee is a crucial ingredient of Yagya. As every scripture associated with Yagya or Hawan recommends, perform Yagya with cow ghee because it works as an antidote to poison. It purifies the physical environment by fragrance. When the cow’s ghee is burnt in Yagya the fragrance goes up with fire and spreads within the atmosphere. Thanks to the burning of cow ghee will reduce the effect of radiation to some extent within the atmosphere due to smoke generation by ghee in Yagna.

How Hawans or Yagya can purify the energy and environment:

Written in Atharva Veda, all creatures in the universe are said to possess or be generated from a grand incredible Yagya. That we call the basic process of manifestation of all creatures. During this fire ceremony, all herbal things including ghee are sacrificed within the holy fire with the assistance of thermal energy and sound energy of mantras to purify the eternal energy and also the environment. within the Holi fire, we sacrifice our ego, selfishness, and our material attachment. It inspires a living style to guard values within the society and affects the muse of ideal civilization, culture.

Apart from ghee Yagya, the best ingredient is mango wood. When the mango wood adds to the fire after getting burnt, it releases the formic aldehyde gas forms formalin for preserving the fruits, vegetables. Another ingredient is jaggery also works as mango wood when burnt within the fire it also releases the formic aldehyde gas. The Scientist named Tautlik mentioned that if we are present at Yagya place for a half-hour, then the germs answerable for enteric fever get destroyed.

The cow’s ghee the very important ingredient of havan has been referred to as an antidote to the poison in VEDAS. Its fragrance purifies the physical atmosphere. Ghee, when burnt in the fire, goes up in the atmosphere and the fat particles get laden on the dust particles in the atmosphere (somewhat similar to the stickiness on the objects in the kitchen) and come back to the earth in form of rain thus nourishes the vegetation on the mother earth. Dr. Shirowic a RUSSIAN SCIENTIST says that if cow’s ghee is put in fire its smoke will lessen the effect of radiation in the atmosphere to a great extent. (reference:

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Havan has been found as an effective method to reduce the FUNGAL load in a small office or room. As per the experiments conducted the havan fire smoke has the potency to kill fungi like Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvuleria and Cladosporium, etc. (Earth environmental science) in June 2007 in Acrobiolagia A Journal published in NETHERLAND.

“Heal the atmosphere with havan and the healed atmosphere will heal you says Dr.madukar giakwaad.”

Though there is a difference in opinions needs to be a subject of further research.

Health benefits of Real Desi Ghee

It is said to be believed that Ghee prepared from the milk of Desi breed of cows emit maximum positive aura, and using it in Yagyas benefits the most. After this startling discovery, Ghee (Clarified Butter) prepared from the milk of Desi breed of Cow, and that also which are kept in a healthy environment in organic ways.

There are many companies that are offering Yagya services with the motive of making huge money. They do not care about the positive outcomes of Yagya for their patrons. That is the reason that they do not bother about the quality of material used in the Yagyas, which ultimately affects the benefits of Yagyas, to be accrued to the persons, for whom Yagya is being performed. You must use Pure Desi Cow milk ghee for better results of your puja and havans.


Why is Pure Desi Cow Ghee Considered the Best?

This question may come in the minds of several individuals, seeking a search for reasons behind the interest for pure desi cow ghee. The demonstrations are diverse; unpolluted ghee, free from harmful additional preservatives, grants maximum divine properties that adds towards improving the cosmic energy in its surroundings. Although, it increases one’s aura and caters as a protective defense against negative influences or evil effects.

What is the Spiritual Significance of A2 Cow Ghee in Various Scriptures ?

According to numerous scriptures, the spiritual factor of A2 cow ghee possesses a great importance. In Vedas, Yajna is signified as a sacred ritual performed before initiating a new life or cherishing a joyous occasion. When ghee is provided to Agni during Yajnas, it is considered pure and delivers an essential role in such rituals.

Ghee is renowned as crucial in the act of formation and possesses a religious significance in Hindu ceremonies, continuing from birth to death.

From a scientific point of view, during Yajna, ghee regulates the prompt combustion of wood, assuring the sustained flame. In Hindu culture, Agni is admired as the mouth of the Gods, indicating that offering ghee into Agni during Hawan is akin to feeding the Gods. Thus, ghee possesses a significance both scientifically and spiritually.

What is the Composition of Ghee ?

The initial component of ghee is fat, with grass-fed cow diets adding richly to its linoleic acid consistency, granting antiviral and anti-oxidant qualities. Ghee consists of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, enhancing the entire well-being. Furthermore, it is rich in Vitamin A, E, and D. Ghee’s composition involves butyric acid, which is essential for gut health. For individuals having allergies or sensitivities to certain foods, implementing ghee into their diet is frequently suggested to support gut health.