Build Immunity with Desi Ghee

Fight Pollution by Boosting Immunity

Desi cow ghee is full of health benefits. Medium-chain fatty acids present in Ghee are useful for the body and can be processed by the liver a burnt as energy. Ghee is considered to be a powerful combo food with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that promote an alkaline environment in the body, which help the body to protect itself again any disease due to climate change. 

People who have an allergy to dairy products can consume Ghee without any problem since it is lactose and casein free. Ghee Reduces Inflammation. Desi cow ghee is a rich source of butyric acid that is a short-chain fatty acid. 

This acid is connected to an immune response that can help in lowering inflammation and improving the digestive system. Ghee also aids in the stimulation of stomach acid secretion, which, in turn, helps with the proper digestion of food.

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As mentioned in IndiaToday ghee can benefit your health in the most amazing ways. It is helpful in reducing the accumulation of toxins found in metals like lead and mercury. According to, it is also one of the best substances to prepare the body for internal detoxification, or what is called Panchakarma in Ayurveda.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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Applying a thin layer of ghee to the inner wall of your nostrils will prevent the entrance of pollutants present in the air you breathe. Called Nasya Karma, this practice also clears the nasal passages, thus preventing congestion, suggests This, in turn, will save you from contracting diseases like asthma or other respiratory disorders, especially at a time like this.

Desi Cow Ghee Ayurvedic immunity Boosting Food :

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What is Immunity

It can be defined as – the ability of an organism to fight and resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. In other words, it is the state of being immune from or insusceptible to a disease or the protection against infectious disease conferred by the immune response. 

It includes your body’s capacity to differentiate foreign material from self and to neutralize, eliminate, or metabolize that which is foreign.

When an external substance enters the human body, the mechanical activities and complex chemicals are set into motion and these processes protect and defend your body’s cells and tissues. 

The external substances are usually protein and called antigens. Generally, the most common response to the antigen is the production of antibody, a protein synthesized by the immune system which can help neutralize pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. 

The antigen-antibody reaction is an important component of the overall immune response system. Therefore, adding cow ghee in a moderate amount is a good source of immune boosters. You can order cow ghee from our online store ( and boost your immune system by consuming it regularly in small quantities.

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Why Immune System Is Important?

The immune system plays a crucial role to protect your body from any infection. When your body is occupied by bacteria, viruses, fungus or parasites, it undergoes a process of fighting the infection and then healing itself. 

Whenever a particular infection invades your body, a person may be less likely to get the same disease again, as the immune system is made up of tissues, proteins, special cells, & organs. It defends people against germs and microorganisms every day. 

However, problems with the immune system or having weak immunity can lead to illness and infection. Now, the question is – How to make the immune system strong or which is the food to increase immunity. The answer is cow ghee is one of the sources of immune boosters. Therefore, cow ghee is considered to be immune-boosting food.

Health Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee

Immunity Booster: Due to its powerful gut-health-boosting and detoxification properties, ghee is the immune system’s best friend (around 80% of your immune system lives on your gut). The immunity-boosting food also packs a powerful combo of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits which promote an alkaline environment in the body, making it extremely difficult for disease to thrive.

Energy Booster: The wide range of fats that compose ghee includes MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids), which are very useful for the body and can be processed by the liver and burnt as energy, not passing into adipose tissue or contributing to maintaining weight. Thus desi ghee can provide the necessary burst of energy that we might need to get through a particularly challenging day.

Boost your immunity with desi cow ghee

Immune Boosters: Desi Cow Ghee – Best Among Immune Boosting Foods

Anti-Allergic: While preparing ghee, all of the dairy residues is simmered off, so Ghee can be considered as dairy-free. Thus, lactose intolerant individuals or those who do not prefer butter are free to enjoy its qualities in the form of ghee along with other herbs without worrying about the gastrointestinal problems that normally follow.

benefits of having grass fed ghee :

Improves Heart Health: Although most people associate butter with fat and a decline in heart health, the rich variety of fats in ghee can also provide a healthy boost to the heart. Omega-3 fatty acids present in ghee can help reduce your levels of unhealthy cholesterol and provide an energetic balance to your fat intake.

Anti-Inflammatory: Ghee contains butyric acid, which is one of the most beneficial short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that our body needs. Butyric acid or Butyrate has been shown, in recent research, to actually decrease inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract (GI), and now a recommended dietary addition for some people with ulcerative colitis. 

Furthermore, cow ghee enemas have long been used in traditional medicine for inflammation of all kinds. Due to the conjugated linolenic acid contained in Ghee, it aids in weight loss (especially belly fat). Being easily digestible, cow ghee helps to develop a faster metabolism.

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Antioxidant: The health benefits of vitamin A are widely publicized & extremely valuable. When the antioxidant capacity of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) & butyric acid are added to the power of vitamin A contained in ghee, we get a powerful anti-cancer substance that could aid reduce oxidative stress throughout the body.


Why is Desi Ghee Considered Healthy?

Desi ghee consists essentially of fats, with the presence of 62% saturated fats that deliver an important role in increasing HDL or good cholesterol while minimizing LDL or bad cholesterol without unfavorably affecting the lipid profile. Furthermore, ghee caters as a substantial source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, consisting of essential amino acids.

Does Ghee Contribute to Weight Gain?

As opposed to the popular belief system, ghee, rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, and beneficial fatty acids, can actually reduce the size of fat cells, facilitating them to burn energy. It encourages the development of lean body mass even during the presence of stubborn body fat, adding up to an enhanced metabolism. If you direct to shed determined fat in areas like your waistline, thighs, and hips, implementing a spoonful of desi ghee into your daily diet can be essential.

Does Ghee Aid Digestion?

Ghee is a well-renowned powerhouse of short-chain fatty acids, specifically butyric acid, which regulates more efficient breakdown of food while facilitating digestive enzymes. It is highlighted as one of the few food products naturally consisting of butyric acid, capable of providing a soothing and healing effect on the digestive tract for enhanced functionality.

Are There Any Side Effects of Desi Ghee?

Generally, desi ghee is effortlessly digested by people in good health and does not pose harmful side effects when introduced in minimal amounts alongside rice, roti, or bread on a regular basis. However, due to its elevated calorie and fat content, it is suggested for individuals with obesity or heart conditions to introduce ghee in minimal quantities. Those going through health issues associated with the kidneys or liver, such as jaundice, should minimize their consumption of desi ghee. Daily excessive consumption may result into decreased metabolism, surplus body fat, and weight gain.