Desi ghee is a misunderstood food with a lot of misconceptions. It has been meant as fattening, which is false! Consumed for thousands of years and aids in Ayurvedic healing properties, ghee is one of the most effective healing foods out there. 

Not only that, ghee is loaded with essential nutrients and includes optimal fatty acids that are needed for health. Plus, some of its nutrients have been utilized in weight loss, progressive digestion, and getting rid of inflammation. 

From ancient centuries, folks in India have kept desi ghee in the kitchen and beyond it. It has a manifold with a  created space in beauty and hair care ayurvedic treatment too. 

If you are trying with health problems, like high cholesterol levels, a bad digestive tract, delicate immune system, skin and hair issues, desi ghee includes the energy of vitamins and soluble acids which can save you from these health issues.

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 Have you tried to check the detox power of “ghee”

  • Ghee is enriched with a nutritional pack for the fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K, and additionally, This unique way flushes the impurities and unfavorable ingredients from butter. This is a large cause why ghee is very helpful in digestion (the casein and lactose are non-existent).
  • In the ancient Ayurvedic rituals of oleation, melted ghee is infused and utilized to penetrate the tissues of the body. It lubricates and stimulates the hardened tissue that boosts while also offering other detox benefits.
  • Organic ghee works like a magnet to pull out accumulated toxins in the body and is useful to refresh your natural fat-burning metabolism. This exertion also creates pressure on the gallbladder to cleanse out its present bile and it regulates the liver to produce new bile and tackle the digestive enzymes
  • Ayurvedic detoxification would not be an Ayurvedic cleanse that has to call ghee for ingestion. Apart from that, without being surprised by this felting unlikely rule, many-headed upon the use of ghee in common because it is a dairy product.

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Organic ghee is a goldmine of nutrients

As ghee is one of the superfoods with nutritional sources of butyric acid, it is also loaded with:

  • A full pack of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), and long-chain fatty acids (LCFA), both unsaturated and saturated
  • Omega 3 and Omega 9 nutritional fatty acids
  •  Packed with vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Ghee prepared from organic butter of desi cows is one of the beneficial with numerous  CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (5)
  • Enriched with 9 phenolic antioxidants
  • Abundant other minerals

Fatty acids type of short, long, butyric acid loaded with ghee, are used immediately by the body for energy and do not have to be separated by bile to assimilate and used, while MCFA’s needs minimal breakdown and LCFA’s need much absorption by the liver and gallbladder.

This implies that our gut toxins are fond of butyrate so much that they generate their own – instant energy utilization for gut health. As great fats are ingested, ghee has it all!

 Detoxification with organic cow ghee?

Normally when we want to try cleansing in different ways, we may get an idea of extracting oils or fats from our daily food. Ayurveda uses a different approach, suggesting that we take a  tablespoon of melted ghee every morning for a habit of every day and allow it with a no-fat diet. The advantages of this rule may have you converting your idea of cleansing, as the importance extends far beyond taking out toxins, still, that is a certain fact of it.

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Benefits of detoxification with ghee

Here are some of the key points for cleansing with ghee, described in detail below:

Cleanses old bile

In the ayurvedic cleansing procedure, Organic ghee is accounting as a daily dosage to stimulate the gallbladder to cleanse out its existing bile, which is usually thick and viscous from frequent utilization, and tackle the liver to produce new bile. Ghee helps to maintain the health of the gut wall and the microbes that create butyrate all along with it.

Useful to soften the hardened tissues

Organic ghee has supreme saturating properties, referred to as oleation, on the body system. This is a procedure whereby, via the cleansing time of consumption of organic ghee daily, starts the penetration of oil to soften the tissues, calculating and nourishing the hardened tissues of the whole body.

Maintains good gut health

Consumption of the right amount of ghee enhances the potential of the system’s gallbladder to flush out the bile and create a space for new bile, as it offers fat metabolism to your health and promotes care to the gut wall.

Balance mood and diet 

An individual’s food intake and mood can be affected due to gastrointestinal issues and due to this your mood will get off. Here acts the organic cow ghee by delivering proper energy levels to the body and becoming an integral part of the routine diet. Inserting a proper amount of ghee into your food. It is an essential part of the routine diet to improve your mood fluctuation to avoid stressful scenarios. 

Ghee: flush out the  toxins out of their hiding spots

Bile works as a hiding small intestinal part cleanser and, in link with the butyric acid from the organic cow ghee, is helpful to balance the health of the gut wall and the microbes that generate butyrate all from it. The ghee has a lipophilic effect on other fatty acids and fatty wastes in the body, acting as a cleansing part to absorb the collected fat-soluble hiding spots wastes out of the body and change them into the intestines for flushing from the body. 

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Desi cow ghee bawled with detoxifying benefits as listed below:

  1. Flushes old bile from the body.
  2. Regulates the liver to produce new bile, so 94% of old wastes bile is not reabsorbed. 
  3. Clean the intestines of toxins due to bad bugs.
  4. Maintain the basic source of energy and boosts immunity for the cell’s gut. 
  5. Keep the proper quantity of butyrate so that the health promotes lubrication and softens the tissues of the body.
  6. Flush out the collected fat-soluble toxins out of the body. 
  7. Enhances fat metabolism and weight loss. 
  8. Maintains mood swapping and energy levels.
  9. Secure against bad bacteria in the gut. 


Can Ghee Enhance Nutrient Absorption?

Ghee plays an important role in promoting a healthy intestinal, thereby supporting several organ systems in the body. The systematic functioning of these organs and systems depends on the efficient absorption of both macro and micronutrients. Ghee has been considered as a bio-enhancer, a substance that elevates the bioavailability of other nutrients intake  through food or herbal supplements. According to Ayurveda, such substances are well-renowned as “anupaans,” meaning vehicles. Ghee caters as a significant carrier, regulating the absorption of hard-to-assimilate nutrients across the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.

Can Ghee Boost Stem Cells?

Stem cells play an important role in the body as progenitor cells responsible for creating latest cells, repairing cellular damage, and fighting against aging and degeneration. In Ayurveda, substances possessing such regenerative properties are referred to as rasayanas. Ghee falls into the classification of rasayanas because research indicates that butyric acid, present in ghee, can stimulate the production of mesenchymal stem cells in the bone marrow. Studies found that butyric acid has the potential to generate new, healthy fat cells. Research also  recommends that butyric acid can encourage the proliferation of stem cells beneath the skin, further adding towards a healthy skin microbiome.

Can Ghee Enhance the Gut-Brain Connection?

The presence of short-chain fatty acids in ghee has been connected with enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Research recommends a connection among gut health and stable moods, as well as the capability to maintain and tolerate stress. In Ayurveda, the gut is considered the seat of the vata (nervous system), with its health intricately associated with emotional stability and a well-functioning nervous system. Ayurvedic principles declare that toxic emotions, renowned as mental ama, are stored in fat cells. Accordingly, such emotions are detoxified, along with fat-soluble toxins, through the procedure of oleation with ghee.


Ghee works as a packer and mover for the nutrients and vitamins in foods and stimulates the functioning of intestinal health and all the cells inside the system. 

During an Ayurvedic detoxification therapy,  Ghee was recognized as a safe carrier for oleation, a confer of rising amounts of oil. This is helpful to remove the fat-soluble wastes (the stubborn ones – water-soluble wastes often flush out by the path of our urine). 

Ayurveda, recommends the importance of ghee on detoxification via ingestion, and ghee enemas. It has been accomplished successfully for thousands of years to balance intestinal health. To grab the benefits of organic grass-fed cow ghee, you can visit our website online: https://sureshfoods.com