Organic Cow Ghee – General Facts & Myths

Common Myths & Benefits About Organic Cow Ghee

As people are becoming more concerned about their health, they are choosing healthier options and avoiding anything prone to excess weight. Since then, the consumption of desi ghee has become a topic of debate for a healthy lifestyle, majorly due to its fat-rich content. 

Ayurveda suggested pure desi ghee as the purest form of the earth ingredient, which prepares it as an inevitable substitute for ancient medical science. 

If you are confused about adding desi ghee to your daily routine due to different misconceptions connected to it, read on to know more about its nutritional variation and benefits.

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Nutritional value of Cow Ghee

Cow ghee has all the essential nutrient properties along with antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial characteristics. Let’s find out cow ghee’s essential value, it includes a high proportion of saturated fat which is nearly 7.9 grams per serving. 

Just as all fats, cow ghee is loaded in calories; roughly one tablespoon of ghee includes 112 calories. According to the American heart association’s recommendation, the total fat consumption falls between 25-30% of total calories. 

So for a person’s intake limit is a 2000 calories diet, the ideal fat intake should be between 56-78 grams, of which the saturated fat is not more than 16 grams. A healthy body can generate it, but it’s very vital to eat a little extra ghee.

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Benefits of Organic Cow Ghee:

1. Cow Ghee for digestion

Cow ghee helps in the progress of digestive strength by fortifying the stimulation of enzymes. Cow ghee is revived to soak and metabolize as it includes lower chain fatty acids. People with digestion issues must consume cow ghee so that their system can digest their food in a better way. 

Cow ghee is an efficient taste among those food types that help in maintaining bile without destroying the intestinal potential of the body. Constipation can be treated with cow ghee. If one can eat a spoonful of cow ghee infused in lukewarm dairy, they can get healthy bowels in the morning.

2. Cow Ghee strength bones

The intake of cow ghee helps in increasing bone strength and stamina. The ample source of fat-soluble nutrition is cow ghee. They aid in the healthy development and immunity of bones and the brain, also keeping their normal functioning. 

If the body infuses cow ghee at a certain level, it progresses its strength against many disorders by improving body tissues. It is also useful in sensory organs to function properly. The capacity of the brain like wisdom, memory, and intellect also increases due to the eating of cow ghee.

3. Cow ghee benefits for heart patients

Cow ghee includes vitamin K2 which promotes lowering the calcium deposition in the arteries, thus preventing the calcification of arteries. It uses the heart is working well by reducing harmful blood cholesterol  and elevating the good blood cholesterol level

4. Cow ghee weight management

Cow ghee can be useful in both facts about gaining or losing weight. For losing weight, it’s a good method to achieve Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which enhances metabolic development; thus weight management strategy and lowering stomach fat. It can be useful in bringing down insulin resistance, checking on weight loss, and helps in protecting diabetes. It does not have any hydrogenated natural oils and thus does not permit excess and unneeded metabolism to deposit.

5. Cow ghee enhances bone density

They aid in developing body weight by promoting bone density and muscle mass rather than resolving unnecessary excess fat in the body system.

6. Cow ghee for the infants

Cow ghee improves kids’ eye vision, brainpower, and immunity levels thus stimulating them to healthy bones and muscles. It prevents malnutrition and fat or vitamin deficit syndrome. Cow ghee inspires the improvement of memory and boosts the development of kids.

7. Cow Ghee benefits for eyesight

Cow ghee can be useful for a process called ‘Tarpana’. Here ghee is applied around the eyes, which is prepared with a chunky paste of flour, and the mixture is inserted with organic desi ghee. The individual is asked to open his or her eyes and then close them again and again. 

According to Ayurveda, this procedure elevates and builds the power of the eyes and is useful in improving eyesight. Cow ghee infused with Triphala can be helpful for this process. Cow ghee along with Triphala and honey is essential to develop a vision. 

Cow ghee drops are inserted into the eyes for building eye health. The eyes can be cleaned with cow ghee for achieving soothing output when itching or burning sensation happens in one’s eyes.

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Ghee: Check out 5 Myths 

  1. Ghee is difficult to digest
  2.  Ghee is fattening
  3. Ghee is not good for heart patients
  4. Cooking in desi ghee is hazardous for health 
  5. Ghee can be toxic for health

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1. Ghee is difficult to digest

Ghee is one of the few alternatives with a source of butyric acid, which has the qualities to promote an immune power for avoiding inflammation and balancing the digestion of food. Stimulating bowel syndrome issues, desi cow ghee is useful to maintain constipation at bay. 

As per Ayurveda, cow ghee enhances the lubrication of the digestive system and regulates gastric acids to trigger and tackle the mucus lining of the stomach, thus it helps in digestion and gut health.

2. Ghee is fattening

Most weight-concerned people are cautious of eating desi ghee because it will affect weight gain. But the important fact is that the conjugated linoleic acid in ghee promotes weight loss and not weight gain but the common misconception of ghee is fattening. 

The unsaturated fatty acids that exist in ghee are an ample source of dietary fat, which helps to mobilize fat cells to invest energy and enhance the generation of lean body mass. Injecting a teaspoon of ghee into your meals can tackle the stubborn fat in your belly, hips, and thighs.

3. Ghee is not good for heart patients

Organic ghee loaded with vitamin A, E, D, and whole properties of antioxidants, ghee is called a powerhouse of nutrients that improves the onset of heart problems, lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels and calcium deposition inside the arteries. 

The dietary ghee can reduce the total cholesterol levels by 10-25 per cent in the serum and by 7-14 per cent in intestinal health thus ghee provides a better option to olive oil, groundnut oil, butter, etc.

4. Cooking in desi is hazardous for health 

As organic ghee possesses a high smoking point that protects good fats from producing free radicals that cause inflammation and unhealthy cardiac health. Due to higher smoke point (around 250 degrees Celsius) than other alternatives thus it is meant to be the safest cooking medium and a supreme choice for deep-frying and stir-frying.

5. Ghee can be toxic for health

When consumption of desi ghee in appropriate amounts and as per dietary suggestion, ghee delivers many health advantages. Intake of ghee builds carcinogen detoxification and lowers cancer growth, thus it avoids the risk of cancer. 

Offering as an agent that digests and balances the stages of high sugar levels, it triggers the resistance of insulin, which stimulates diabetes control. Consuming two teaspoons of desi ghee is also useful to regularise hormonal changes in women and prevents sperm quality and motility in humans. 

Apart from this ghee having immense nutritional value, it also promotes a rich flavour to the dishes. So, make sure to consume at least two teaspoons of ghee to keep your overall health.

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Ghee has been effective in the Indian kitchen from ancient times and now it has been recognized as supper food by the upcoming generations. According to Ayurveda, ghee is the only product that is granted as Sattvic out of other alternatives from animals. 

A dairy intolerant person can also consume desi ghee in moderation, Due to the process of making Vedic ghee lactose, and casein gets diminished. Adding a spoon of it will give you a lot of desi ghee benefits

Desi Ghee has impressive benefits involving balancing cholesterol levels, preventing the gastrointestinal system, promoting additional energy, lowering inflammation in the joints, and strengthening your immune system. So to experience a healthy life, you can buy desi ghee online by visiting: