Is Desi Ghee Dairy Free?

Is Ghee Dairy Free?

Is ghee dairy-free, may seem to be a simple query, but it is not that simple a question! Have you ever thought that desi cow ghee or clarified butter is made of cow milk but this milk product is suitable for people with the sensitivity of dairy intolerance? How is it possible?

Have you ever been surprised that although ghee is prepared from cow’s milk, it is a shelf-stable dairy oil? How can a milk by-product have a longer shelf-stable? Is ghee dairy-free?

Ghee, being a purely milky fat, is not like usual dairy products in many aspects. But what’s the objective behind the unique properties of ghee? And ghee is called a versatile cooking fat.  Why is desi cow ghee considered a better cooking oil than a traditional one?

When I check out my Instagram feed in recent days, all I observe is the ghee posts related to roasted potatoes, bulletproof coffee with ghee, ghee toasting, ghee toppings, chicken fried in desi ghee. Ghee this, ghee that ghee is everywhere raging right now. Why? What is ghee, and what is so special about it?

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What is Real Desi Ghee?

Simply you can tell, ghee is a form of clarified butter. Milk fat is simmered until the water completely evaporates, and the milk solids get divided from the fat. 

The milk solids and water content diminished under continuous heat and the final residue is pure butterfat with a delicious nutty and aromatic taste to the desi cow ghee. This desi cow ghee is put to sit at room temperature, where it hardens and forms in a solid structure.

Is Ghee Dairy-Free?

Technically, ghee is not dairy-free because it’s nothing but a form of butterfat. But, it is lactose-free because all of the milk solids are completely taken out during production. So if you’re hesitating to intake ghee because you’re lactose intolerant, ghee is a safe option for you. 

The manufacturing method of ghee is wholly responsible for its unique versatility. In the organic grass-fed ghee preparation process, by heating butter under a slow-cooking to get a clarified form as final residue. These authentic steps matter more for making 100% pure grass-fed ghee, gradually removing the milk solids and water content in it. So, it can have shelf-stable properties.

Why is Ghee Safe For Lactose Intolerant People?

Ghee is made of unsalted grass-fed milk and that is why it is a by-product of milk. Ghee has some milk fat benefits but it does not cause the milk allergy hazards usually dairy allergic people skin. It’s lactose-free for dairy-sensitive people.

Desi ghee is lactose-free which is the solution to the majority of people’s digestive issues. That’s because, in the process of making ghee, you need to simmer the butterfat, which diminishes all of the milk solids during boiling. 

For those who are lactose-sensitive, ghee is a secure choice for them. If you’re extremely sensitive to dairy, no worry desi ghee can work for you. 

How Healthy is Ghee?

Nutritionists and dieticians suggest cow ghee is a good source of healthy saturated fat as the ghee includes some healthy fatty acids like CLA, Butyric acid, Omega3, and 9 fatty acids, etc. Grass-fed cow ghee fortified with vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

Take a look here, how these below nutrients offer health benefits to desi ghee consumers.

  • Ghee is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K2. All these supplements are heart-friendly by nature. An adequate amount of consumption of pure desi ghee in conjunction with an energetic lifestyle helps in balancing good heart health.
  • Vitamin A useful in brain nourishment. It also offers good health for the eyes and prohibits night blindness illness.
  • Multivitamins present in desi cow ghee boosts immunity and enhance the fertility power of people.
  • Butyrate amounts in grass-fed ghee, which helps in maintaining a healthy gut and keeps your digestive health on track.
  • Ghee is supercharged in omega 3, 6, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that promotes weight loss. If you can follow a daily exercise, a healthy diet with the inclusion of desi ghee, you will get the expected output.

Although desi cow ghee is a dairy item it is free from lactose and casein or that allergic milk protein part and that makes it healthy for a dairy-free diet. Is desi cow ghee dairy-free or not? This worry is baseless. It is dairy, but it’s allergy protective with full of potential health benefits.

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What Makes Ghee Versatile?

Apart from the discussion on “is ghee dairy-free”, pure desi ghee is also called a versatile cooking fat. Below are some strong points for calling ghee versatile.

  • Ghee can be applicable in all kinds of cooking like barbeque, baking, deep-frying, sautéing, slow cooking, etc. It is recognized as a safe cooking medium due to its high smoke point, which is 485 degrees Fahrenheit. So pure cow ghee is a safer cooking alternative over any options like coconut oil, butter, and Olive oil.
  • Besides cooking, dairy allergic people may consume it in raw form as a topping on food. While butter includes some quantity of lactose and casein, ghee does not have these nasties so you can use it for baking also.
  • You can spread it to toast as it maintains its smoothness. You may use desi cow ghee, a spoonful insertion to your tea, and keto coffee for turning your morning habit into an energy drink. Don’t think more about it being ghee dairy-free! Just try it. 
  • Culinary experts prefer grass-fed cow ghee for cooking. It is delicious to cook both veg and non-veg dishes. Also, you may use desi ghee in dessert dishes for the nutty aromatic flavor. You should use organic grass-fed cow ghee instead of any adulterated option.


Note that if you have allergies to milk products or milk proteins, and you have fear of ghee may lead to any reaction, then I hope you may get clarity on this by reading the above article that proves ghee is an antiallergic food. Pure Indian SureshFoods offers a lab-tested pure desi ghee jar, free of any chemical preservatives and lactose, casein-free. 

Ayurveda, recommends the use of grass-fed cow ghee for detoxification by ingestion of it. It has been trusted successfully for thousands of years to maintain overall health. To reap the incredible benefits of organic grass-fed cow ghee, you can purchase it online at our website: