Desi Cow Ghee – Incredible Benefits For Your Health

Incredible Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee

In many Indian households, Indian desi ghee can be consumed daily! No matter the food, a diet is meant to be incomplete without a spoonful of grass-fed cow ghee. Whether we spread it onto our chapatis or have it as a topping of our dals. 

Why does our mother ask to eat ghee every day? There are a lot more dynamic benefits of ghee that go far more and above its taste-increasing factors. 

People who can have health issues either from cholesterol or obesity should enhance their utility of pure ghee. Here are below 7 incredible benefits of pure desi ghee.

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Some health benefits of Desi Cow Ghee are:

  • Promote digestion: Since ghee is helpful in Vata and pitta (the two doshas, air, and heat) it relieves from the increase of these two doshas in the body. This enhances joint pains, digestive problems. It promotes the secretion of stomach acids, thereby boosting digestive food and adding nutrient absorption.
  • Improve eye health: Among other benefits, ghee enhances eye health and helps to control eye pressure. It is also useful for the hair, skin, and even enhances the quantity. Pure ghee is enriched with vitamin A which has amazing lubricating power. 

    One of the benefits of ghee for eyes is supporting the hydration level of eyes that ultimately prevents the issue of dry eye syndrome. People who can work long hours on the computer or watch laptops or mobile screens frequently are treated from tear glands’ dryness. 

    The moisturizing result of pure ghee helps in building natural health and the lubrication power of these lacrimal promotes better eye health.
  • Improve Bone health: Sahiwal cow ghee promotes good quality of sleep, lubrication of internal organs, skin, joints, muscles, and connective tissue. It also provides flexibility and heals burns and wounds.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: In alternative Ayurvedic medicine, ghee has been used many times to treat burns and swelling. The butyrate present in ghee helps soothe inflammation within the body.
  • Insulin resistance: If you want to buy ghee in the market then always buy desi ghee as they have immense benefits to consume and less harmful facts. The importance of ghee is because of its manufacturing process of preparing from the milk of grass-fed cows. 

    Besides taking the ghee from stores, you have to prefer the ghee from organic firms. It is a better and healthier option to avoid the consumption of adulterated ghee. 

    When we are talking about the daily consumption of ghee in your diet, make a decision by considering your regular sugar levels and their post effects. In moderate proportion, the consumption of ghee is the best insulin resistance medium.
  • Ghee benefit for pregnancy: After one delivery or after the age of 30 or the age of 40, the bone density problem occurs. The reason only is a deficiency of calcium & fat-soluble vitamins. For this, we’ve to require advanced care. 

    So mainly during pregnancy, eating healthy & rich nutritional food is essential. Ghee is one of all the foods that contain all elements which is extremely useful in pregnant ladies & babies. 

    Ghee is extremely best in pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, post-pregnancy. Please don’t avoid this sort of rich food to avoid future major problems.

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  • Ghee as a brain tonic: The Ayurvedic masters of ancient India believed old ghee could regenerate brain cells, and this can be part of merit with the increase of Alzheimer’s today. This powerful medicine is prepared by mixing scrap juice, yogurt, milk, and cow’s urine with ghee. 

    Recalling the herbs which are added to the ghee makes it a remedy for a healthy body, but ghee itself is a powerful brain tonic. As ghee has essential properties against curing Alzheimer’s by its insertion in the nose. As we know Nasya therapy is the substitute for panchakarma and is a natural way for offering rejuvenating ingredients to the brain.

    Above caring for severe mental disorders, ghee can be a help to cure mild anxiety (due to aggravated Vata) and stress. This is treated by dipping a clean finger in ghee and inserting it into each nostril, providing lubrication to nasal passage with gentle massage.

What Does Ayurveda Say About Ghee?

Grass-fed cow ghee is a digestive ingredient. It is useful for enhancing absorption and assimilation. It promotes ojas, Tejas, and even prana. It helps to boost memory and promotes lubrication for your linked tissues. 

Desi cow ghee can increase your body flexibility and is even considered tridoshic in small doses. You might not be offered it, but Pure ghee’s medicinal characteristics can nourish as many as seven dhatus of your body! 

It is known to pacify pitta, and vata and also can be used for Kapha in a moderate amount. Indian cow breed desi ghee or ghee is prepared from butter and the milk of buffaloes and also from cows. 

Butter can be taken out from milk cream as well as from the surface of cooled milk. Ayurveda suggested grass-fed cow ghee obtained from cow’s milk to be supreme. This milk has many more immense health benefits than buffalo milk.

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Nutrients in Ghee include:

  • Indian desi ghee is enriched with a concentration of butyric acid.
  • Both saturated and unsaturated fats also involve short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, both. (The short-chain fatty acids help in digestion but they are absorbed by the liver to be utilized as energy. The high amount of Omega 3, Omega 6, and some Omega 9 fatty acids.
  • Source of vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • A vital source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).
  • Phenolic antioxidants and several minerals.
Ghee made with the traditional method

Cow ghee made by bilona method

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When you take out the water and milk from milk fat and churn it by wooden bilona, it is converted into a concentrated solution that is called ghee. Ghee has long been utilized in Indian households. The term is interestingly suggested from Sanskrit and means ‘sprinkled’. 

Pure ghee was created to protect the butter from damage in the summers. Not only is ghee useful in cooking but also it plays an important role in Ayurvedic medicine. It can also be translated as ghee as clarified butter(ghrita). 

Usually, it can sustain at room temperatures and might change solid in winters. Since ghee contains less fatty acids than other options, it provides a good and constant source of energy.

 It includes antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients useful for its energy-boosting properties. The body is good at absorbing carbohydrates; hence, eating ghee in moderate amounts can maintain you energetic all day.

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Why is cow ghee useful?

Here are some more benefits why you should consume Sahiwal cow ghee in your diet to help with its great health benefits and live a healthy lifestyle!

  • Great alternative for healthy cooking oil  

Using ghee as an alternative to cooking oils for any food is the best and healthy option! Not only does it offer food with a buttery flavor and an aromatic smell, but also it can sustain at 232 degrees celsius heat. Pure desi ghee is useful for nutrient destruction or oxidation when it undergoes heat.

  • Helps to prevent constipation by improving intestinal health

Desi ghee is an ample source of butyric acid, which can be used as a source of energy. So if you have a problem with slow bowel movements, ghee can be used as a gentle solution for constipation.

  • Improves heart health

Ghee is better than refined or vegetable oils when we are worrying about heart health. If consumed daily in moderation, cow ghee can lower bad cholesterol and enhance overall health.

  • Cow ghee boosts the immune system

As ghee includes a high amount of antioxidants, ghee enhances your body’s capacity to provide nutrients to improve immunity. Hence, eating ghee instead of other alternatives lowers the chances of getting sick.

  • Ghee helps in skincare

The presence of vital fatty acids in ghee helps as a moisturizer and nurtures dry skin. Pure desi ghee is useful in countless beauty recipes that help to hydrate and soften skin cells.

  • Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Balancing a stable blood sugar level is imperative for individuals with diabetes. Consuming foods having a minimal glycemic index is suggested, as the glycemic index indicates the speed and height at which a specific food category increases blood sugar levels. High glycemic index (GI) foods have both short-term and long-term challenges for those having diabetes, resulting in a persistent high level of blood sugar. Implementing ghee into meals is well-recognised for its capability to minimize the complete glycemic index of the food, productively regulating blood sugar levels and moderating the potential spikes that high GI foods might rise.

  • Internal Warmth and Calming Effects

Ghee provides multiple health benefits, one of which is its distinct capacity to create internal warmth within the body. This significant property is attributed to the high concentration of beneficial fats, involving butyric acid, present in ghee. Butyric acid adds to the anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. Effortlessly metabolized by the body, such lipids provide a consistent source of energy. When incorporated, ghee not only nourishes the body from within but also encourages the production of heat, delivering an imperative role in maintaining an optimal body temperature.

  • Nutrient-Rich Composition

Despite being foremostly composed of fats, with a remarkable portion being saturated fats, ghee boasts a range of nutrients. It consists of small amounts of beneficial vitamins such as A, E, and K, along with antioxidants such as butyric acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The low moisture consistency of ghee, combined with such components, imparts a distinctive properties and potential benefits. While calorie-dense, ghee’s nutritional profile recommends advantages that extend beyond its energy consistency, contributing to entire well-being.

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Not all ghee available in the market is processed by Vedic methods. Hence, you can get various alternatives in the market, from cheap to expensive with different quality. 

The best method to check which ghee is good in its nutritional value and when we care about the quality, organic cow ghee has the highest values. You can get desi cow ghee online quickly and it can make vital differences to your food. In a nutshell, Desi ghee recommends many impressive advantages that affect its capacity to prevent your health problems. To buy the best ghee for you visit our website: