5 Ways How You Can Include Cow Ghee In Your Diet

5 ways how you can include Desi Cow Ghee in your diet

The fame of the magical Indian clarified butter known as Desi Cow Ghee has gone viral across the world. In addition to being a great alternative for refined and processed oils, it staples an amazing nutty flavor to your dish. 

What’s more? It comes along with immense benefits that are useful in maintaining the mind, body, and soul healthy. Ghee helps to cure various skin problems that most people frequently face such as dry lusterless brittle skin, chapped lips, dull skin. 

It keeps your digestion on the tract and also boosts immunity. The pure antioxidants present in ghee offer detoxification for the system. The world is raving about real desi ghee but it is equally important that how do you bring in this magic ingredient in our meals?

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Adding Desi Cow Ghee to your everyday diet.

Desi cow ghee is a suggested choice by Ayurveda due to its highest value in sense of nutrition, spiritual, medicinal properties. Ghee plays an essential role in our everyday life. Nowadays, nutritionists also strongly recommend the intake of desi ghee in our daily routine. 

Ghee serves many benefits to your health, widely found in every Indian kitchen. You should ingest the best cow ghee into your diet for a healthier system

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Here are 5 ways – how you can include desi cow ghee in your diet:

Use it as a topping on hot and warm foods

Usually, ghee is widely used for cooking recipes but along with that, you can use it as a direct topping on foods. It tastes lovely even if you spread a tablespoon of ghee to your regular rice or lentils. 

You can add on cooked warm foods to enhance their flavor and tastes. Alternatively, you can even insert pure ghee on the top of warm spicy Indian curries. Adding a spoonful of desi cow ghee to any Indian dish will only elevate its flavor divinely.

Bread and toasts

Indians agree with this! Without a spoon of desi cow ghee poured on any bread meant to be incomplete in taste. Also the same in the case of chapati, roti, paratha, or simple breakfast bread, smearing a spoonful of desi ghee is essential to make everything healthy and digestible. 

Just spread a small amount of ghee on toasted bread, and you are ready to go. The ghee helps the bread from drying so you can keep it for a long time with its softness or carry it for a lunch box.

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Greasing the pans

If you want to bake or set a dish, ghee is a great greasing alternative over butter. The method is easy. Just grease the pan with a teaspoon of pure ghee exactly the same as you would in the case of butter and spread it with some flour in it. Done!.


In comparison with butter for baking, ghee is the most optimal choice for your health. Ghee plays a vital role in baking to make delicious cakes and cookies. Just replace the butter or margarine with desi cow ghee and follow the same process that you should use for health wellness.

How can you add ghee to your breakfast or snacks?

  • Use for preparing muffins and bagels – ghee is better than cold butter as pure ghee melts quickly.
  • Pour on the oatmeal before eating.
  • Add ghee for Scrambled or drying eggs; for enhanced and delicious taste.
  • For cooking a French-style omelet use pure cow ghee; so it will be crispy and won’t look brownish as it did due to butter.
  • Insert a spoonful of ghee in warm maple syrup; spread it over buttermilk, hot blueberry, or on buckwheat pancakes.
  • You can use ghee for sautéing vegetables like onion, tomato, and mushrooms. for cooking a dish for breakfast.

Ghee at night at bedtime

Drinking milk with ghee at bedtime is a very eminent remedy for enjoying quality sleep. It is beneficial for insomniacs as well as for ordinary people. But the lactose-intolerant people are unable to digest the milk. Try this remedy, just add one teaspoon of organic cow ghee before bed with a warm glassful of water at your bedtime. 

The advantages of drinking ghee at night:

  • Helpful to enhance the digestive strength of enzymes.
  • Progress of metabolism and purification of the human body that maintains emotional stability.
  • Ghee works as a great lubricator and nourisher that allows in keeping the lubrication of muscle and bone joints.
  • improved hair health by applying ghee on hair overnight remedy.
  • To get relief from heart burning due to acidity, it is useful to balance all three doshas.
  • It is good for learners because pure ghee boosts concentration and is helpful in the brain development of growing kids.

Add ghee in the morning tea or coffee to make it bulletproof

You can use a teaspoon of ghee for your tea or coffee. You should avoid the use of sugar with this tea remedy.  It has many health benefits:

  • Ghee serves ample calories for your day’s energy and this is an effective way to transform your sugary beverage into an organic energy drink.
  • Ghee acts as a filler item and swaps your hunger pang for a longer period. Passively, this ghee in tea/coffee is useful in balancing calorie consumption and bodyweight management.
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Can the consumption of cow ghee assist in detoxification?

Desi Cow Ghee is known for its detoxifying properties and for removing toxins from the body. It helps in cleansing the liver and assisting its optimal functioning. Consistently including ghee in the diet can support the body in removing waste products, contributing to a healthy and productive detoxification process.

Can the consumption of cow ghee benefit eye health?

Ghee consists of lutein, a vital carotenoid that encourages good eye health. Lutein helps in reducing age-related macular degeneration, a leading resultant of blindness and vision impairment. Therefore, it may mitigate dry-eye syndrome by improving lubrication for eye protection.

Cow desi ghee is a rich source of Vitamin A, necessary for the production of photoreceptors, a photopigment found in the rod cells of the retina. This is beneficial for enhancing night vision.

The antioxidants present in ghee contribute to eye moisturization, correct the issues that are dark circles, wrinkles, and inflammation.

Can the consumption of cow ghee enhance brain function?

According to Ayurveda, vedic bilona ghee is classified as a ‘medhya rasayana.’ Medhya Rasayana consists of nootropic herbs well-renowned for their cognitive-enhancing attributes, providing diverse benefits, especially in improving mental alertness, cognition, memory, intelligence, and the capacity for retention and acquisition.

Desi cow ghee consists of essential fatty acids imperative for brain health. It helps in the development  of brain cells, thereby enhancing cognitive function, memory, and focus. Consistent consumption of A2 cow ghee may also contribute to a minimized risk of neurodegenerative disorders that is Alzheimer’s disease.


Ghee is a highly vital ingredient for a healthy body, but always choose real desi ghee made from cow’s milk. Not only does ghee raise the flavor of food, but also it completes your food into a balanced unit. 

Ghee can be a rich source of vitamin A, E, D, and K and it can be vital as medicine for more health problems. Pure desi ghee acts as a carrier to your health as it carries loads of fats that offer more energy, immunity to your health system.

A healthy person can consume one to three spoonfuls of ghee in the whole day without worrying about any side effects. So, when are you buying your own bottle of Ghee?

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