Improve Your Health With Desi Cow Ghee

How To Improve Your Health With Desi Cow Ghee

With the bulge in traction of health trends like the ketogenic diet, healthy fats have assembled a lot of attention lately. grass-fed cow ghee is useful to boost its natural health enhancement profile and flavour. 

It is full of fat-soluble values and healthy fatty acids and ghee advantages can cover from boosting stronger bones to achieving healthy weight loss.

Utilized for thousands of years and vital in Ayurvedic healing therapies like panchakarma and Nasya. Indian desi cow ghee is one of the most incredible healing foods functioning. 

But what is desi cow ghee, and why should you insert it into your pantry? Read this article for everything you want to know about this super healthy fat.

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What is Indian Cow Ghee?

Grass-fed cow ghee is nothing but a clarified butter form, which is generated by simmering accumulated buttermilk to skim off the cream of milk and separate the milk solids and water. 

However, in collating ghee vs. clarified butter, ghee is boiled longer to take out the butter’s nutty flavour and as it has a higher smoke point than butter, meaning that it can be sustained to a higher temperature before it gets smoked. 

Not only that but desi cow ghee is loaded with beneficial nutrients and involves several fatty acids that are essential to health. Plus, there are abundant benefits of desi cow ghee.

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Desi cow ghee benefits to improve health:

1. Cures insomnia

If you are someone who has sleep issues then this desi cow ghee will act like magic for you. The pair of ghee and milk is popular to treat insomnia. Intake of it assists you to get quality sleep. 

2. Pure ghee is a good source of fat-soluble vitamins

Adding a few dollops of ghee into your everyday food topically is an excellent choice to spread some extra fat-soluble vitamins to your health diary. It can help to build your consumption of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K, all essential nutrients that perform a role in everything from keeping a healthy goal.

The daily use of pure ghee is crucial if you are racked from any pain like gut syndrome, IBS, or Crohn’s, as your system may have outcomings to absorb these fat-soluble vitamins. The pure ghee helps your health by offering a boost of these supplements to stimulate your daily needs3

3. Ghee loaded with conjugated linoleic acid

Ghee is combo packed with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid-related with a large factor of health values. Some CLA may be impactive in lowering body fat, prohibiting free radicals of cancer formation, relieving inflammation, and even reducing blood pressure. 

Concentrate on one thing that grass-fed dairy delivers a large portion of this important fatty acid.  Opt for grass-fed cow ghee whenever you wish, or be sure of the type of grass-fed ghee.

4.  It strengthens your bones

Regularly inducing a few dollops of pure ghee to your diet can help you to fulfill vitamin K requirements. Vitamin K is vital to many ways of health, like blood clotting, heart functions, and brain health. It’s also crucially essential when it is associated with balancing your bones’ health. Grass-fed cow ghee is loaded with a good amount of vitamin K to enhance bone power.

5. promotes weight loss

The medium-chain fatty acids present in healthy fats like Indian cow ghee and other foods can allow fat burning and assist to ramp up the loss in weight. So the medium-chain riched desi cow ghee triglycerides lower the body weight, and the fat over the waistline and hip circumference region, stomach fat.

To practically induce it in your meal and get an answer for how to use desi cow ghee for weight loss to reap the maximum results? Prefer for grass-fed cow ghee by swapping out unhealthy vegetable oils, and use desi cow ghee for roasting, sautéing, or baking your healthy dishes.

6. It enhances digestion

Due to the presence of short-chain fatty acid that is helpful to balancing crucial digestive health. Butyrate offers energy for the cells in the colon and is useful to support gut barrier function. Ghee with butyrate-rich may offer relief from constipation to assist through the digestive tract. 

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7. It will get to relieve from Inflammation

Pure ghee enriched with butyrate, a kind of fatty acid that has been helpful to reduce inflammation. This could have far-absorbing benefits when it comes to prohibiting inflammatory scenarios like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disorder, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even the prevention of cancer.

8. Safe for healthy cooking 

Due to the higher smoke point of pure ghee. The smoke point is the heat at which an oil starts to burn and produce smoke. Not only does heating a cooking fat at its smoke point put it at a higher risk of uplevel its flash point and leading a fire, but it also bursts down essential phytonutrients and leads the fat to oxidize and creates harmful free radicals.

It indicates that you can use grass-fed cow ghee for baking, sautéing, and roasting purposes without any risk of diminishing the essential nutrients that offer all these incredible Indian cow ghee benefits.

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Can Ghee Aid a Stuffy Nose?

Combating a cold and clogged nose is an intolerable experience, influencing your breathing, taste sensation, and mostly accompanied by headaches and fatigue. Ayurveda provides an interesting remedy well-renowned as the Nyasa treatment for cold, involving the application of warm, pure cow ghee into the nostrils every morning. Such practice aims to bring swift relief by enabling the ghee to travel down to the throat and soothe the infection. It is imperative to use pure ghee at a lukewarm temperature for such remedy.

Can Ghee Reduce the Glycemic Index?

In India, the practice of applying ghee over chapatis and parathas is a common place. It is believed that spreading little ghee to chapatis can potentially minimize their glycemic index to some extent, in addition to transmitting moisture and improving the digestibility. A nutritionist recommends intake of chapatis with a minimal quantity of ghee on top. According to her, recent research recommends that approximately 4 teaspoons of oil constitute an adequate quantity of saturated fats per meal, with about one percent of such saturated fats being obtained from sources like ghee. Combining chapatis with ghee is thought to improve their digestibility.

Is Ghee Beneficial for the Skin?

Ghee has been an essential component of beauty care practices for centuries. Its beneficial fatty acids caters as a nourishing agent, capable of revitalizing dull skin. Pure desi ghee, obtained from cow’s milk, is believed to have the noticeable qualities for bestowing softness and suppleness to the skin. Known to be appropriate for all skin types, ghee consists of essential fatty acids that further adds towards the hydration of skin cells.


Ghee can regulate our digestion tract. It is useful in healing and mending the stomach lining. This benefit can be particularly helpful for patients with IBS or Crohn’s issues. The nutritionists always recommended consuming ghee with milk before bed, one of the biggest advantages to cure indigestion. 

The enzymes are useful in breaking down food for better incorporation of nutrients. Thus, offering a smoothness to skin and quality sleep.

Desi cow ghee can easily opt into the diet, into holistic practice, and is meant as Ayurvedic medicine. It is crucial to enhance both mental purification and physical purification through its capability to detoxify and maintain wellness. 

Along with health, pure ghee has dual inside and out and is used externally as well for the skin. This grass-fed ghee is useful in curing burns and rashes and nourishing the skin and scalp in many ways. You can order this product online at our store by visiting: