Health Benefits of Desi Ghee in Coffee

Health Benefits of Ghee in Coffee

You may be aware of bulletproof coffee or butter coffee. Frothy, refreshing, and strangely nuttier, ghee in coffee is a delicious way to have some extra calories in the morning or maintain your keto plan

But what about people who are sensitive to digest dairy, or just want a higher-quality substitution for coffee? Stand back desi cow ghee, because here comes pure ghee. Now even those with bad dairy sensitivities can cherish a cup of your bulletproof coffee.

Ghee in coffee is a healthy choice for the gut, assists in weight loss, and refreshes your mood. It is also useful in enhancing mental clarity and cognitive activities. I am someone who just can’t begin my day without adding ghee to a cup of coffee and I am sure many other people follow this. 

Nowadays, bulletproof coffee is trending worldwide and it is suggested to be a more nutritious and healthy alternative for coffee lovers, which is done by putting a tablespoon of pure ghee into your cup of coffee. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of the ghee in coffee:

Health Benefits of Desi Ghee in Coffee:

Adding ghee with coffee is delicious and has some surprising benefits and adding ghee to the diet itself also offers many health benefits. Here’s a quick look at some important benefits of our favorites!

1. Ghee Can Replace Cream for Those With Dairy Allergies

For some people, it just isn’t a proper cup of coffee without cream. But with people who are allergic to dairy or with dairy sensitivities, how can you get that frothy fix as you can’t add milk cream? Grass-fed ghee may be an excellent way to make your coffee creamer.

Many lactose-intolerants have the most difficulty with digesting the sugars and/or proteins content in milk (lactose and casein). But the refining process during the preparation of desi ghee removed out all milk solids, the final product remained with only trace amounts of milk sugars and proteins. No dairy? No allergy!

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2. Ghee Can Neutralize the Harshness of Coffee

Some people have problems with having coffee on an empty stomach, and often that is because of the high acidity. But a spoonful of organic cow ghee in your morning cuppa can avoid the stomach from aching.

Ghee is loaded in calcium, which counteracts the acid that begins the digestive upset. It also includes butyrate, a fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory characteristics and studies have concluded that ghee in coffee enhances intestinal health.

3. Ghee is Packed with Good Fats

Not all types of fat are unhealthy for you. Desi cow ghee, which is almost fatty, also includes a high quantity of healthy fats like omega 3s, 6s, and 9s. These same fatty acids are present in fish, nuts, and seaweeds and are popular to deliver healthy metabolism, cardiovascular system, and brain functioning. 

Ghee may even avoid the risk of coronary heart problems. Research done by the Indian Medical Association proved a relation between a food rich in pure ghee and lowered levels of cholesterol.

4. Ghee is Loaded With Vitamins

Another health value of grass-fed ghee in coffee is that this creamy and dreamy ingredient is also full of nutrients. Per 100g of desi cow ghee, you will achieve about 61% of your daily requirement value of vitamin A, 14% of vitamin E, and 11% of vitamin K.

And the coolest part is that fats are carriers for nutrients in the system, meaning that those vitamins are more natural and friendly for the body to soak when carried in liquid-like pure ghee.

5. Healthy for the Gut

Coffee can be a little harsh feeling that affects our digestive system for some people. It muddles the stomach fluids and this is the reason why most folks ignore having a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. 

But one healthy option to this issue is adding organic ghee to your cup of coffee. The calcium present in desi ghee neutralizes the result, lowers the acidity and inflammation. It includes omega 3s and butyric acid which is nutritious for gut health and metabolism.

6. Weight Loss

One way you can experience weight loss is by selecting healthy fats in your food. Putting desi ghee to your coffee doubles up the frothiness of coffee. Not only this, coffee swaps the pangs of the hunger hormone and stimulates the digestion process, thus making you eat at mealtime. 

Desi cow ghee can be a good trick to cut back on artificial sweeteners and salt as ghee is a little sweeter and not salty like butter.

7. Refresh Your Mood

You can prefer grass-fed cow ghee into your coffee to relish more benefits. The fat present in desi ghee is said to be advantageous for the brain, assists to boost nerve health, and also develops the generation of hormones in the system that improve your mood.

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8. A Healthy selective

If it is just impossible to begin the day without coffee, you can have it by making it a little healthier. We know caffeine can act as a hard drug to quit significantly if you are more dependent on it, so you can avoid its bad result by adding a spoon of ghee to serve you with all the essential health values.

9. Mental Clarity

It is said that adding desi ghee to coffee can boost mental clarity and enhance cognitive function. In case you are on a keto diet, the desi ghee turns MCTs into ketones that are a key provider of energy for your brain cells. The same has applied to curing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Upon trying the trending butter tea, David Asprey gets inspired to introduce his version with coffee. Soon after, he introduces the Bulletproof Diet and with it the now world-famous coffee beverage, Bulletproof coffee.

Whether you need extra energy from healthy fats to get rid of laziness or just looking for a way to make your coffee without dairy fat, desi cow ghee has to stand your back.

So pick up a jar of pure ghee and see how this tasty variation on bulletproof coffee can impact a pep to your health. For buying desi ghee jar made by traditional refining wooden churning method you can visit here: