Health Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee That Makes It Must- Have In Your Kitchen

Health Benefits of Ghee That Makes It Must- Have In Your Kitchen

The ancient Indian unsung superfood ghee is a must-have in your kitchen and is one of the superior choices for many purposes. But do you know how to select good quality pure ghee and what are its benefits? Let’s discuss it here.

Ghee has been an integral element of Indian cooking for centuries and an obvious ingredient in most Indian kitchens. In fact, a conventional meal when offered does not get served to be eaten until cow ghee is sprinkled over. 

Ghee is even recognized as a sattvic food to satisfy the spiritual soul. Desi cow ghee is also known as clarified butter, it’s prepared by heating unsalted butter and taking out the milk protein to residue like the clear, golden goodness. 

Grass-fed cow ghee was suggested as a sacred food by ancient Ayurveda, due to the health advantageous and body-balancing elements they believed its importance. In recent years the nutritional compounds within desi ghee have been supported by health experts, and food lovers all over the globe are going ghee-eyed for all health problems.

Pure ghee has been a cooking staple for years now, but the increasing fame of organic cow ghee in youngsters shows how modern society is also endorsing cow ghee as a superfood for this moment. 

Apart from the eyes, hair, and skin, the traditional pure ghee lubricates and cleanses the impurity of the body, also maintains the health of the intestines, tissues, joints, and arteries.

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Why is Ghee a Must-have in your kitchen?

# Offers Essential Healthy Fats: 

Fats perform a very essential role in promoting energy to our body and they are as vital as protein and carbs for our proper working. 

Some of the most nutritional roles performed by fat in our system are preventing our stomach wall against digestive acids, boosting our nerves and skin health, and developing cell membranes, and many more. 

As it contains no hydrogenated oils, oxidized cholesterol, or trans-fats seen in butter and other oils, it is a healthier alternative to other products.

# Rich Source of Vitamins: 

Ghee is packed with vitamins A, D, E, and K, all of which are fat-soluble. These vitamins perform an important role in the proper working of our bones, brain, as well as heart. Ghee is also enriched in fat which assists us to absorb these vitamins better.

# Assists Indigestion: 

Unlike its fat sidekicks, pure ghee improves your digestion rate. Greetings to its healthy element of butyric acid (a short-chain fatty acid), desi cow ghee assists to lower inflammation and regulates the stimulation of stomach liquid secretion that assists with the proper digestion of food.

# Boosts the Immune System

Ghee is fortified with antioxidants. These antioxidants are useful to absorb minerals and vitamins from foods which in turn assist to support your immune system health. 

Ghee also has detoxification qualities that maintain the health of your gut promoting it as an essential ally of your immunity. Its magical anti-inflammatory characteristics also make it an extremely beneficial substance that assists to combat diseases.

# Healthy Source of Good Fat: 

It is a fact that grass-fed cow ghee is a healthier choice over butter. It is a healthy source of good fat as compared to butter and is recognized to reduce cholesterol levels in the intestine as well as the serum. So if you are suffering from a cholesterol problem, then replace your butter with organic cow ghee.

# Safest Medium for Cooking:

Ghee possesses a high smoke point (482 °F). This has to come with the chemical structure of saturated fats. Saturated fats include no double bonds, so they will not produce free radicals on high heat, unlike unsaturated fats. 

Unsaturated fats or other cooking oils have molecular double bonds, making them very reactive to heat, light & oxygen. Heating these kinds of oils will convert their molecular structure, diminishing many of their health values.

Cooking with Desi Cow Ghee

Now that you are aware of the many health benefits of desi cow ghee, it is time to make cooking with it! You are going to be pleasantly astonished because this ingredient adds rich flavor to every dish. Many chefs agree that grass-fed ghee delivers food recipes that taste so delicious!

Since organic cow ghee is made from desi cow milk through the simmering process, the remains are a pure form of fats. Desi ghee doesn’t need refrigeration it can sustain at room temperature, so it has a longer shelf-life. 

You will love it on hand for tasty cooking. In fact, it can survive for a longer period without refrigeration, which is one reason why it has been so famous for thousands of years.

Keep in mind that only a small portion of desi cow ghee is required when you are cooking with it. As you can see, cow ghee is an essential ingredient to cook with when you wish to induce a little healthy flavor to your food. 

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You can buy it online at the SureshFood store. We assure you that it comes from a trusted organic source that follows the traditional bilona process, using grass-fed cow milk for the production of this organic ghee. Once you start consuming this healthy ingredient in your cooking or you can add it to many new recipes to refresh the menu for your family mealtime. It will offer immense health benefits.


Ghee has been a popular ingredient of Indian kitchens since Vedic time. Its usability is well-recognized to Indian households, and it is also said that desi cow ghee also has higher value in Ayurvedic treatments and therapies.

Pure cow ghee is normally prepared by clarified butter with all its water and milk solids evaporation. Organic cow ghee actually acts as wonders for your digestive gut and overall health. Desi cow ghee is packed with butyric acid, which is valuable for intestine health.

Desi cow ghee inclusion in the cooking field is rapidly known for winning appraisals. But many ghee products are available in the market. To reap the healthy features without any adulteration properties you should go with Vedic ghee made by the traditional method. 

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