What Happens If You Don’t Sleep Well (Insomnia)

What Happens If You Don’t Sleep Well

If sleeping less than 6 hours a day is a common issue in your lifestyle, then you must understand the aim of writing this article right now. Less sleep can impact your body in more outcomes than you can understand. Work online for nighttime or chat with family and friends. Our life gets too muddled in these facts that we should give our body enough rest in the form of adequate sleep. Here is how lack of sleep impacts your body very secretly.

1: You become accident-prone

People who do not allow enough sleep daily, i.e. less than 6 hours, are three times more likely to lead to road accidents. The most unsafe people are professional drivers in this class, labor workers, business tourists, and anyone who has job responsibility for long and odd hours. If you have not had efficient sleep, then you need to avoid driving and handling heavy machinery to be on the safe side.

2: Cognitive impairment

Even if we are unable to get one single night of sleep, we undergo a lot of cognitive deficits. A person who experiences from lack of sleep finds it hard to focus on the work at hand has raised forgetfulness, issues with reasoning and decision-making, and alertness issues during the day.

3: Reduced immunity & frequently falling rate of illness

If you don’t sleep well, you will impair the capacity of the body to fight illnesses and raise the risk of falling sick more. According to studies, it has been discovered that there is an adverse relationship between our immune system and sleep.

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4: Skin aging

Inadequate sleep has a drastic change on our eyes, skin and encourages us to look dull than our age. Sleep deprivation causes observable wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and looseness, and dryness of the skin. A restful night’s sleep maintains our skin looks fresh and glowing.

5: Weight gain

This is one of the unknown facts that lack of sleep causes weight gain. People who suffer from lack of sleep due to any reason or who slept less than 4 hours a daily night were more likely prone to weight gain and have to fight against combat obesity later on.

6: Heart problems

If you are not getting sufficient time to sleep, it is likely to have an adverse impact on your heart immunity. People who have undergone less than 5 hours of sleep have a chance of progress towards heart issues, related to coronary heart disease or stroke.

7: Increased risk of diabetes

Along with a rising girth from insufficient sleep, people who are neglecting the sleep well factor are more prone to risk for adult-onset diabetes. It is essential to go for around 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep to prevent insulin issues.

8: Increased risk of cancer

Less time of sleep is indicated to be connected with elevated rates of breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. Folks who are working overnight shifts have more chances of developing risk for this.

9: Effect of insufficient  sleep on learning & memory

Sleep deprivation is prone to push a person to become forgetful. Sleep has an expansive effect on grasping new things and memory issues. Sleep is very essential for mingling the factors that we grasp into our brain. Getting adequate sleep is useful in maintaining knowledge and storing it in memory.

10: Impact of lack of sleep on sex 

Due to insufficient sleep then you are prone to result in a reduction in your libido. There was a shrinking seen in the testosterone stages of young men who suffer from sleep-deprived. Less than 5 hours of sleeping time can diminish the levels of sex hormones to nearly 10 to 15 %.

11. Absence of a Consistent Schedule

According to research, a positive factor for older adults is a perceived minimization in stress. Although this can result in the abandonment of consistent schedules, creating bedtime and wake-up times feels rather less significant. Yet, these times deliver an imperative role in how your body releases melatonin later in the day. It’s suggested to comply as closely as possible to a consistent schedule, even on weekends.

12. Impact on the Brain and Nervous System

Sleep deprivation can possess comparable impacts on the brain to those of alcohol. Experts reveal that going through sleep-deprived conditions can be as perilous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Some Common symptoms of sleep deprivation involve:

  • Slurred speech
  • Uncontrolled reflexive movements of the eyelids
  • Shakiness or tremors in the hands
  • Droopy eyelids

13. Altered Reflexes

Sleep deprivation can affect several neurological reflexes, and while you may not come across any remarkable symptoms related to such changes, a healthcare provider organizing reflex tests would likely track down abnormalities. Examples of such abnormalities involve:

  • Slow (sluggish) corneal reflexes
  • Oversensitive (hyperactive) gag reflex
  • Oversensitive (hyperactive) deep tendon reflexes
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There are many tips to get a good quality of sleep. Also, you can change your diet plan according to health issues but here I am going to introduce one super ingredient which is commonly used in our kitchen and has a supreme place in Ayurveda is our golden elixir desi cow ghee. 

Along with the several health benefits, ghee promotes quality of sleep to every age of people. Also, it is applicable to small babies now let us discuss the relation of ghee and sleep for babies.

Ghee enhance your sleep quality

An old aunt in my relationship suggests adding ghee to my kid’s food for dinner time. Her motto is ghee offers sleep. I am not the one who trusts in these grandma’s old applications. 

Even if I take the help of home therapy to cure a cough or cold I would do my own security to check if it has any scientific girth. 

Apart from which did suggest the medicinal qualities of ghee and how it is truly based to build overall health. It is beneficial in various ways like indigestion, balancing cholesterol, etc. And in the passing, it recommended that it is prone to induce sleep too.

How to induce ghee to boost your baby sleep 

I suggest you to half a spoon of ghee to one bowl of lentil soup during night time which is nearly 8 pm. The items of food are rice or roti with dal and one vegetable or a non-vegetable side or Pongal recipe

When I checked if this technique can be used to promote sleep with my paediatrician, all he said is that a 2 to 3 spoonful of ghee at dinner won’t ruin it, so I applied the same.

Did it work?

You don’t need to sit and wait for long hours in bed for babies trying to fall asleep. Ghee has good absorbing properties as it will absorb the sugar content from consumed food. 

So automatically cure the glucose levels and due to intake of ghee, you actually feel you have a heavy and satisfying dinner so you get good quality of sleep within less time. Most mothers prefer ghee in their kid’s diet and trust me it also works for you.


We suggest that our sleep is not casual, it is our beauty sleep, but we have to be more clear that it is a more essential factor as intake of food daily. Allow yourself to get the proper quality of sleep to live a good and healthy life. 

So, before saying yes to an all-nighter for chatting, partying, or watching web series, just keep in mind that sufficient sleep can push our life in the long run. So just turn off the lights and rest in terms of sleep for at least 7 hours every night on a daily basis without fail. Also, focus on inducing intake of ghee in daily diet to promote better sleep.