Eating Ghee Good or Bad In Pregnancy

Eating Ghee Good or Bad in Pregnancy

Ghee is one of the vital ingredients used for cooking in India. When a woman is pregnant, she is often suggested to eat desi ghee, especially by the elders of the family, as it is considered to help in normal delivery. 

But is it good to consume desi cow ghee during pregnancy? Read this article to discover all you need to know about desi cow ghee during pregnancy. Contrary to famous beliefs, intake of pure cow ghee is useful in reducing cholesterol in the serum and the intestine.

Eating desi ghee during pregnancy will not affect any ill impacts on the health of both mother and child. The nature of this ghee fat – which is Saturated, (it remains solid at room temperatures and gets melted by heat). 

It is a known fact that during pregnancy, a balanced diet and healthy food are very essential. Also, fats in pure ghee are an incredible part of a balanced diet and can be added to a pregnant woman’s food.

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‍Is It Good to Eat Ghee During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is good to consume a moderate portion of grass-fed cow ghee every day when you are pregnant. Unlike other dairy products, desi cow ghee is easier to digest and acts as a metabolism booster. But if you are overweight or obese, then you may want to limit it to some proper amount of your consumption.

It is a known fact that a balanced diet and nutrition are of utmost significance for a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, a woman is also required to intake healthy fats. Desi cow ghee is a source of fats and thus can be incorporated into the diet of a pregnant woman. However, one should add it only after consulting with an expert.

Benefits of Consuming Ghee During Pregnancy

Organic cow Ghee is fortified with omega-3 fatty acids, omega 9 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Ghee has immense health benefits but it is beneficial in pregnancy also. However, in Indian culture desi cow ghee is suggested to benefit a pregnant woman in the following manner.

Organic cow ghee is the best and healthier alternative as compared to clarified butter that is available in the market. You may start eating desi cow ghee during pregnancy but if you are more worried that you will gain too much weight or if you are already overweight, then it is suggested to include desi ghee in your diet only after consultation.

  • Assists Baby’s Growth: 

Ghee has antiviral characteristics and performs a key role in balancing a healthy digestive system. It includes a high quantity of butyrate, a fatty acid that promotes the development of the baby.

  • Stretch Marks in Pregnancy: 

Most probably you have stretch marks issues during pregnancy. Usually at the last phase of pregnancy when your belly is stretched out most and marks spread to arms, legs, and buttocks. So by applying desi cow ghee gently on it, it is a home therapy to ignore stretch marks.

  • Natural Stress Reliever: 

During pregnancy, all the hormonal imbalances occur with a lot of physical changes, wide changes in metabolism, fear of labor pain, stress, etc. can be a tender time for her. Grass-fed cow ghee helps relax nerves, lower stress, and tackle fat hormones in pregnant women when intake regularly.

  • Regain Lost Vitality: 

Desi ghee is packed in vitamins and antioxidants, an essential part of the nutrients that are needed for the development of the fetus during the nine-month pregnancy, and often the mother undergoes a lack of vitality. Regular consumption of pure cow ghee will help recover this mother’s lost strength and vitality. 

  • Natural Tonic:

Ayurveda suggests the consumption of pure desi cow ghee by mixing it with boiled milk, 1-2 drops of saffron, and a pinch of turmeric to develop the fetus’s brain health and a baby’s safe delivery. It also works for a child’s brain improvement as a mind tonic

  • Desi Ghee for Before, After Pregnancy:

Well especially in three phases, After one delivery or above the age of 30 and post-pregnancy, the bone density problem troubles. Desi cow ghee is one of the foods that include all nutrition which is very healthy for pregnant women.

Ghee is very beneficial in pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. Please don’t ignore desi ghee-rich food to manage the future major problems.

  •  Manage Digestive Issues

Ghee has anti-viral characteristics and performs a significant role in maintaining the digestive system. It includes good amounts of fatty acid to keep your digestion system on track.

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What Is The Significance Of Desi Cow Ghee In Ayurveda During Pregnancy?

Ghee performs a prominent role in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used as a healing agent for health problems. Ayurveda suggests the earring of pure cow ghee by inserting it into boiled milk along with saffron (1 to 2 drops), organic honey (3 to 4 drops), and a little pinch of turmeric. This tonic is prescribed for boosting the immunity, mental health of the baby and promotes ease of delivery.

As long as you are within your healthy weight and follow healthy food with fresh fruits and vegetables, there are no side effects in adding ghee to your diet. As ghee is known for many health benefits, moderate intake of this fat should be healthy for pregnant women.


Regular consumption of organic ghee offers a feel-good mood and relieves fatigue. It is one of the efficient ways to take care of the system and maintain it warm and strong.

Diet plays an essential role in pregnancy. A pregnant mother must prefer a well-balanced diet to offer good nutrition to her growing fetus. Desi cow ghee acts as a good lubrication agent that helps in a normal delivery, also eases labor pain, and is also impactive in stimulating contractions. 

Desi cow ghee made by the traditional method is always a healthier and intelligent choice as compared to other ghee products. Having ghee for enhancing your calorie count is fine as long as it does not harm health values for the expecting mother. 

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