Desi Ghee Benefits in Baby Food & Ghee Massage for Babies

Desi Ghee Benefits in Baby Food & Ghee Massage for Babies

When it comes to your baby we must choose the best for him/her. Desi cow ghee is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is loaded with essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-9. It is also enriched with vitamins A, D, E, and K along with its antimicrobial properties. Desi cow ghee acts as an antioxidant for flushing out harmful free radicals and toxins. 

Ghee is helpful to aid in digestion and vitamin A helps to enhance immunity and eyesight. Vitamin K is useful in calcium production, which is required for bone development. All the nutritional properties of desi cow ghee are essential for babies’ growth.

As your growing baby requires nearly 1500 calories per day for better growth and development, desi cow ghee to your baby is one of the simple ways to elevate his calorie count and keep him energetic and fit. 

After you stop breastfeeding your baby, he/she may eventually start losing weight. It is just because the baby may not get a proper dose of fats, which he had earlier consumed from breast milk. If you want to avoid fat deficiency, incorporate desi ghee in a baby’s diet to balance his/her fat level.

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What are the health benefits of cow ghee in baby food?

From the sixth month onwards the baby becomes more active. The baby begins crawling, creeping, sitting, getting known to colors and people, etc and these are the important months of physical growth and brain development in the baby.

This stage is availed by a nutrient called DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). DHA for babies is the most vital nutrient to build their brain development and babies can get their DHA from essential fatty acids from their meals.

Desi ghee is already enriched with a good quantity of saturated fats that assist in the brain health of the baby by offering the essential amount of DHA. Here are some health benefits that provoke ghee is best for babies development:

1. Energy booster: 

Babies need almost 1500 calories per day for their good growth and maturing development. Ghee is an incredible source of abundant energy, offers a high amount of saturated fatty acids, and delivers good energy and stamina. A proper level of ghee incorporation in your baby’s food also encourages them to stay active for the whole day.

2. Enhances digestion tract: 

Feeding desi ghee on a regular basis to babies is useful for regulating the digestion tract, but it also solves motion issues and avoids stomach issues. The saturated fatty acids content in desi ghee are easily digestible by the babies.

3. Brain development: 

A baby’s brain begins to develop rapidly during the first 5 years and that is the time to pay attention to its dietary needs as well. As desi ghee is supercharged with omega 3 fatty acids that assist in brain development, it is necessary to introduce desi ghee at the right age.

4. Promotes the metabolism: 

By avoiding sluggishness or lethargic habits, desi cow ghee acts as a metabolism booster to keep a baby active and healthy.

5. Offers healthy weight gain: 

Ghee promotes healthy weight gain for babies as it is loaded with saturated fat. However, only an adequate portion of desi cow ghee should be fed to babies as overconsumption of desi ghee can also have some adverse effects.

6. Promotes bone health: 

As ghee is an ample source of vitamin D and vitamin K, it is helpful to strengthen the baby’s bones and make them healthy and fit.

7. Suitable for lactose sensitivity: 

Though desi ghee is a byproduct of cow milk, it doesn’t include lactic acid content and hence it is an intelligent choice for lactose-intolerant babies as well.

Is ghee good for massage?

Instead of any oil, prefer two-three spoonfuls of warm ghee for massaging the baby. It will regulate blood circulation, assist in skin problems, and will also help the baby’s body get well-nourished. Desi ghee is packed with antioxidants and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which are both good for babies’ health.

The natural moisturizing property of pure desi cow ghee assists in maintaining the skin of your baby supple, soft, and smooth. Massaging with pure desi cow ghee is best for babies’ physical growth. It assists to strengthen the bones and muscle development.

If your baby’s skin has problems like itchiness, getting red and swollen, the anti-inflammatory characteristic of the ghee will be useful in the treatment of these eczema symptoms. During the winter season, especially in high altitudes and cold regions ghee massaging keeps your baby warm within.

Our body soaks approximately 60% of what we coat on our skin. Unlike other alternatives for massaging that need a deep penetration into the skin. Pure ghee is actually considered the magic element for massaging babies. 

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Many reasons for massaging baby with desi cow ghee like:-

  •  Massage will strengthen the bones of the baby.
  • Baby skin will shine due to the massaging – as new bone skin is very tender and easily gets dry due to atmospheric conditions.
  • Baby skin will get whitened and fairer if we start the baby with a good ghee massage in the starting stages.
  • Massage will relax the nerves of the baby and it will keep the baby active and energetic.
  • Massage in the early stages could help newborns to get rid of jaundice easily.
  • Massaging a baby with desi ghee not only offers relaxation but also promotes quality sleep.
  • Massaging with desi ghee promotes a healthy body.


That is all about the nutritional and massaging properties of the best cow ghee for babies. Ayurveda suggested that ghee participates in longevity, protects the body from various health issues. So, desi cow ghee is believed to be the magic element for babies.

As it enhances absorption of fat-soluble supplements, nourishes the baby’s skin and boosts the joint’s health, promotes memory ( DHA connection), and has a lot of other benefits also. Ghee is one and all super solutions for babies’ development, this is because antioxidants and essential fatty acids persist in it. 

But we have to be aware while selecting brands of ghee as a lot of alternatives are trending in the market. If you want to choose cow ghee for your babies then always prefer grass-fed desi cow ghee and you can order it from our online store: