As far as ghee ‘diaries’ go, the Indian pediatrician’s suggestion seems to have come full pace and stands on complete behalf with ancient traditions. It does get pinched a bit here and there with them suggesting that a spoonful of desi cow ghee be added to babies’ diet. 

Grass-fed cow ghee is an essential element to be induced in babies ’ and toddlers’ diets. A delicious but nutritious meal usually includes a rice or wheat staple with cow ghee for toddlers. 

Roti with ghee and jaggery is a time-tested combo of introducing solids to a toddler’s diet. You must add desi ghee to your toddler’s meal which assists in the absorption of the vitamins present in the food. 

Introduce desi cow ghee in toddlers diet

Some of the other simple but tasty alternatives are idlis with desi cow ghee and a watery lentil gravy with desi ghee topping, bananas mashed with a few drops of organic desi ghee, upama made with a tempering of desi ghee, and even a soft dosa you can feed made by greasing the pan with few drops of pure desi cow ghee. 

These are all delicious flavorful ways of introducing ghee for babies and toddlers. Food made with desi cow ghee is delicious in taste. Only the quantity of desi cow ghee per day can change between a quarter tsp to nearly 2-3 tsp per day based on the age of the toddler. 

Babies get happy by responding to stimuli by way of being spoken to, hearing lullabies, or by showing physical affection. Massaging with desi cow ghee is also one of the ways for better physical growth. 

If your baby crosses 7 months of age then you can introduce ¼ tsp of ghee in everyday food. Perhaps the most healthy growth in a baby is ascertained by the different ways.

For toddlers, you can offer desi cow ghee in different ways like:

  1. Spread ghee over the dosa, chapati, or parathas.
  2. Add a spoonful of desi cow ghee to the rice bowl and dal.
  3. Add desi cow ghee for porridge, kheer as a topping.
  4. Rice pudding made with ghee.
  5. Ghee rice
  6. Adding grass-fed cow ghee to a warm glass of milk before sleeping at night etc…

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Benefits of desi cow ghee for babies and toddlers

1. Stimulate digestion

Cow ghee for babies is useful to stimulate the digestion of semi-solid food, who have just moved from breast milk to semi-solid food. Desi cow ghee incorporation into food has simplified fats that get soaked easily. 

Giving desi ghee to toddlers can be helpful for the digestion of their semi-solid food. Thus ghee can be offered to them for avoiding stomach-related digestion issues.

2. Useful in brain growth 

Between conception and age three a child’s brain undergoes an impressive speed of change. In the first three years, a child’s brain has development speed up to twice as much as in adulthood. 

Thus, ghee is supercharged with Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which assists in the development of the brain and pays many benefits of ghee for babies. Ghee is recognized as the best food for the healthy brain development of the baby.

3. Promotes healthy weight gain

Every baby has a unique speed towards development, some put on weight slowly and some in less time. Ghee is a better alternative for your baby to have saturated fats, which in turn are useful in gaining healthy weight.

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4. Energy booster for toddlers

Your baby requires more energy for a happy day and to start inventing and learning new things. Thus, desi cow ghee can be an energy booster to your baby for all its naughty activities which can offer a broad smile on his/her face at the end of the day.

5. Rich supplement of vitamin A, D, E, and K

Ghee has a high amount of vitamin K2 which adds on with vitamin C. Hence, ghee and milk go hand-in-hand for the healthy growth and progress of the bones and teeth of your baby. Vitamin A is also better for your baby’s eyes. 

Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and stops inflammation of the body. Vitamin E is useful to support a good immune system and vitamin K stimulates blood-clotting activities in the system.

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6. Avoids cough and cold

Due to the changes in climate, babies are prone to get colds and coughs. Instead of running to the doctor for a prescription, take an early provision by inserting very few drops of lukewarm ghee into each nostril of your baby. By doing this, it will help you to keep the baby warm within and calm even if it has a minor sign of cold and cough.

7. Acts as a moisturizer

Ghee has natural moisturizing qualities and vital fatty acid which does not result in any harm to the baby’s gauzy skin. Massaging with desi cow ghee in the dry or itchy area of the baby’s body twice a day prohibits further cracking of the skin or any skin issues. 

Desi cow ghee is helpful to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. This routine habit can offer many health benefits of ghee for babies when practiced regularly.


Provide the baby enough time for proper digestion of the foods that you are feeding her/him. Questions like- What are the benefits of desi ghee for babies and toddlers? Ways to introduce ghee for babies? So you have got satisfying answers now. If you have still not offered cow ghee for toddlers, babies, then hurry up!!

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