Does A Healthy Sexual Life Lower Anxiety And Depression?

Is sex helps to reduce anxiety and depression

There are certain chemicals in semen that can be used to lower the symptoms of depression in humans. These chemicals not only act as mood elevators but can also be used to lower stress and anxiety. 

The feeling of emotional relations and the release from an orgasm can also help to relieve the problem of anxiety and stress that can be a constituent of everyday life. 

From Ayurveda’s perspective, anxiety is a dosha imbalance where excessive Vata is linked to the nervous system. Vata is an abundant ingredient in Ayurveda. 

It has similar qualities as the fall season; dry, light, rough. Anxiety is an expression of Vata in Mano vaha srota, the channel of the mind. We need to infuse qualities to promote the mind back to a place of balance.

Is sex good for depression?

Chronic depression is very difficult to tackle and is beyond the scope of treatments. Some medicines that are helping to treat depression such as alternative serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)  and tricyclic antidepressants(TCAs) can also reduce the sex drive. 

Especially for men, when the capacity to perform or get excited is present, the negative feelings are generated thus resolving the underlying depression. Major depression is calculated by a time period of 2 weeks of being in a depressed mood across most conditions. 

This is a more severe form of depression and is also known as clinical depression or major depressive ailments. The less difficult form is what we discussed before, chronic depression, which has fewer symptoms of depression.

Sex and Depression? The pros and the cons

Besides being so common, depression is still discussed in silent tones. An infinite number of people experience depression and a lack of awareness about depression can cause them to suffer unnecessarily. 

Unfortunately, most people can’t talk about their emotions. It is about time we start knowing about various aspects of mental issues. Anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental illnesses should be the major content of the discussion.

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Sex and depression a complex relationship

To get more into it report the question- Can sex helps to cure depression? It is essential to know both the bad and good features.

The bad news:

Depression can cause these depressive indications in sexual terms:

  • Depression can prone to these depressive symptoms in a sexual sense:
  • Results the libido thereby reducing the sex drive 
  • Relates a performance issues
  • Impact the capability to orgasm (for both men and women)
  • Inactive sex life
  • This leads to self-esteem issues
  • Produces lethargy and a decrease in physical stamina and performance
The Good News:

Not only will we explore if a sexual performance can help alleviate depressive ailments but we’ll also be able to answer the question “does sex reduce stress?” These are the Benefits of Sex:

  • Sex releases balanced hormones that can help in mood builds and stave off depression.
  • Sex lowers stress and anxiety. 
  • Sex promotes you close to someone and creates an overall sense of wellbeing.

How does sex relieve depression and anxiety?

Let’s face it, our thinking and mood impact and balance every aspect of our sexual life. The ability to have sex and enjoy sex lies wholely based on our ears. 

In other words, the more effective our thoughts, the more rosy our thinking are the better our sex life will be. We feel good about ourselves, the stimulation of our sex drive. 

The worse we think about ourselves, the thought of sex and pleasure gets concealed in the swamp of negative feelings that soak us. Sex is usually the last location that some will know when depression is universal.

Sex and the feeling of intimacy with another is a natural process that will impact the mood; having sex promotes good sleep and after sleep, the feeling of refreshment will diminish the ailments related to stress and depression. 

Certain hormones and endorphins are in the body such as serotonin cause the post-coital ‘feel-good. Intimacy with a life partner can also be via communication and release to a connection that someone who is experiencing depression might be searching for. 

Orgasm, in both men and women, leaves oxytocin, which can be prone to feelings of calmness. Oxytocin is also helping to limit anxiety and depression. Sex is also a well-known stress releaser.

Benefits of desi ghee for mental health :

Consume desi ghee for a healthy mind

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Pure desi ghee has mind-calming qualities of the eating of 2-3 tablespoons daily. Many suggest that dip your finger into cow ghee and massage your nostril slowly with it to get rid of mild anxiety. 

Ghee is the best choice for the development of all seven dhatus in the body (plasma, blood, flesh, fat, bones, marrow, semen) and is suited to people of every age. Ghee makes all perceived organs more effective, Ghee is wonderful for sexual vitality and for boosting nerve and brain tissue. 

Ghee massage is a preferable choice for yoga practitioners, it builds the linked tissues and stimulates flexibility. Since it has a special capacity to restart the manovaha srota (mental channel), it is utilized for mental diseases, like epilepsy, and psychosis. 

Nourishing the brain tissues here ghee adds the growth of consciousness and sharp memory in the baby. A newborn is also suggested to feed honey and ghee to promote intellect.

Linedin follow

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Sex is good for depression yet balancing your sex life. Communication and being ready to be understood by your partner will go a healthy way to naturally resolve sexual issues. 

The closeness created by thinking about a common problem together will help relieve stress for your connection. Ojas desi ghee is also prescribed for combat anxiety, depression, dementia, insanity, epilepsy, and other disorders of consciousness. 

Old ghee could reproduce brain cells apart from rejuvenating the body, desi ghee is also useful to detoxify the mind. 

Ayurveda suggests that grass-fed cow ghee with some herbs, does magic in curing mental disorder situations due to Vata and as a key element, its sweet taste moisturizes the nerve tissue and brain. For getting the desi organic ghee you can order it online at: