Are Ghee Massages Good For You?

Why Ghee Massages Are Good For You

Full body massage in Ayurvedic holistic alleviation is called Abhyanga practice, where the ghee is been picked very thoughtfully as it leads to deeply penetration cells and flushes the physical, mental, and spiritual antigenic toxin from our body, hence detoxifying our body from head to toe, inside out to the whole system. 

The oils, herbs, and massage will be carefully done and applied to suit your body type and doshas, allowing you to expedite the toxins and enhance the self-curing of cells. It tackles the body and reinstates the control of doshas and develops one’s well-being and longevity. Ayurvedic massage help:

  1. Detoxifying body impurities helps in decreasing weight.
  2. Relaxing nerves and promotes deeper and better sleep
  3. Offers us soften, smoothen, and healthy skin and against aging effects.
  4. It promotes blood circulation and tackles the internal organs.

Besides the massage, there are many various benefits of ghee as per Ayurvedic text, Sushruta Samhita, like:

  • Relieves aggravated Vata and Pitta dosha
  • Moisturize tissues and promotes flexibility
  • Aids digestion and enhance healthy microbes in the gut
  • Enhances Ojas or “life energy”

While I’d highly preferred desi cow ghee in comparison with others, overall ghee delivers similar properties. But having utilized a diversity of ghee over the years, nothing correlates to pure desi cow ghee when it comes under inclusion in our meals or as the ghee of selective massages.

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1. Promotes hydration and cleansing

From infants to the adult, ghee delivers a high level of smoothing and tranquility that cannot be duplicated by other oils. It detoxifies our systems from the outside and also allows hydration throughout the body, promoting us less likely to fall ill or heal that much rapidly if we do get ill.

2. Massaging ghee on feet for quick relief

Rubbing the bottom side of your feet with ghee and a copper bowl was one of the techniques wheezed at the hospital. I was surprised to observe my feet turn pitch black but in spite of the hot and humid atmosphere conditions, I need my body to cool down rapidly. It was nearly that the ghee was precisely needed for my body to remove the toxins that had to develop heat in my system, allowing me to off my schedule and balance.

3. To get relief from stress to Ayurvedic foot massage at night

Applying ghee on feet is a substitute for an Ayurvedic custom of foot massage, called “Padabhyanga”. There are many advantages of using ghee on feet at night such as:

  • Get rid of stress and anxiety
  • Progressed foot health by protecting cracks and nourishing the skin
  • Promotes sleep quality
  • Useful in relief from an aggravated Vata dosha

Listed above are just a few of the utilization points. It is also useful in curing many ailments. Different therapeutic oils and remedies are applied for a foot massage based on the complaints. So if you have any ailments take a bit of advice from your Ayurveda expert and if you don’t have any ailment do practice this technique to profit from the above service and keep yourself away from many diseases

4. For babies choose ghee as massage Oil:

Babies have the least physical activity until they begin crawling. Hence, daily morning messages are essential for your baby before bath. Massages are all about the avail of minute contact and sensory triggering in your baby. 

Another basic characteristic of ghee is that it prohibits the body from getting cold. Ghee massages are preferred for better blood circulation and the development of infants and it keeps you warm within. 

During the winter season, particularly in high elevation and cold regions, ghee is the best place as a massage oil for the baby. Using ghee as a massage oil is another basic benefit of the ghee; as it secures the body from cold. 

Ghee (Oil) massages are crucial for better blood circulation and bone development in infants. During the winter season, significantly in cold areas; ghee is used to massage the baby. This will boost the baby’s skin to be smoother and supple.

Diverse Applications of Ayurvedic Ghee

One of the distinguishing attributes of Ayurvedic medicine is its considerable use of oily substances, with ghee standing out as a versatile primary ingredient in the skin care treatments. Ayurveda acknowledges ghee’s highly oily nature as favorable for skin health. External massages along with pure ghee are implemented to balance Vata dosha, counteracting its rough and dry characteristics, as recommended by Ayurvedic principles. Ghee massages, as a holistic approach, proves to be impactful in acknowledging conditions such as paralysis and alleviating Vata-related issues that are osteoarthritis, tension, and sleeplessness.

In the Panchakarma therapy of Ayurvedic cleansing, patients receive an extensive quantity of ghee each morning. Ghee massages are administered consistently to regulate the removal of toxins from fatty tissues, followed by steam therapy to reduce them from the skin’s surface. Once the toxins are eliminated, the body undergoes a comprehensive cleansing using several methods.

A conventional form of ghee, well-known as panchatikta ghrita, is formed by combining ghee with five herbs to combat illness, manage the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and purify the blood. Such medicated ghee increases such deep tissue-penetrating, anti-inflammatory, antitoxin, and antipruritic effects. Remarkable herbs like Nimba Twaka, Patolalata, Kantakari, Guduchi, and Vasa are cautiously blended to make this fragrant, therapeutic, and nutritionally rich concoction.

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Why is Desi Ghee used in Ayurveda?

Pure desi ghee is an ideal ingredient for massaging. Massage basically offers an advantage to treat aggravations in pitta and Vata. Ghee performs a vital role to enhance memory, intelligence, quantity, properties of sexual secretions. 

As ghee is a good source of antioxidants it will be used in the development of all seven dhatus in the body. The old Susruta Samita text proves ghee is precious for all constituents of the body system.

It is a remedy for inflammatory issues, as our body skin soaks 60% of what we apply topically on our skin to glow and nourish the body. Medicated pure desi ghee, clarified butter in which dried herbs have been inducing (ghrita), is a popular devising method for curing pitta circumstances. 

For instance, the well-known Brahmi ghrita induces the medicinal herb Gotu kola and is a therapy for a broad variety of brain and nerve relaxation. To eat ghee, put 1-2 pounds of Makhan in a saucepan on the gas burner. Fuse at low heat until white curds protect and descend to the bottom. 

When a drop of water whisked into the pan boils instantly, the desi ghee is done. Decant the butter oil from the pan, neglect the curds at the bottom. Accumulate it in a clean jar in the cupboard. I carry on being clean and water-free, desi ghee requires no refrigeration.