11 Amazing benefits of desi ghee

11 Amazing benefits of desi ghee

Ayurveda trust ghee has incredible healing properties. And it is proved with the latest research that ghee is good for health and it is used as medicine in some cases. Ghee is one of the kitchen staples that are used in most dishes like daal, chappati, and many sweets. 

It was a belief that ghee will affect our health so, many used refined oils instead of ghee but the truth has come to light with recent research that ghee has many health benefits than other oils. Ghee is comprised of fat, and soluble vitamins, which aid weight loss, balance hormones, and maintain healthy cholesterol.

Pure cow ghee has a high smoking point, this prevents producing free radicals for certain temperatures and protects us from free radicals that damage our cell function. Pure desi ghee is prepared from Sahiwal cow milk. It is enriched with fatty acids, vitamins, and omega-3 which are essential for our health. 

Pure cow ghee with its medicinal value is not only used in kitchens but also used in healing, beauty care, hair, and skincare too. Pure cow ghee is also an internal part of winters and is extensively used in winter preparations. It helps you feel warm from within

Let’s see the 11 Amazing benefits of desi ghee and understand it helps us to keep healthy.

1. Pure Cow Ghee is a Good Source of Energy

Pure A2 desi ghee is a good source of energy. It consists of medium and short-chain fatty acids which essentially help metabolism and boosts your energy. Lauric acid present in the pure A2 cow ghee is a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance. Generally, laddoos are loaded with ghee and so it is loaded with energy. Pinni is the famous Punjabi treat prepared with pure ghee not just known for its taste but for its energy-boosting properties.

2. Desi Ghee as a Source of Good Fat

It is a common thought that weight increases with fats. In fact, it is the common practice of eliminating all fat sources from your diet to lose weight. But it is a blunder to do so. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are the three essential macronutrients for a healthy life. 

Skipping any food nutrients from your diet is not a sustainable way to lose weight. It is essential to avoid bad fats from your food especially junk foods like fries, burgers, and processed junk foods. It is better to choose alternatives like fruits, ghee, and more. 

Experts suggest that ghee is one of the most preferred oleation. This desi cow ghee helps to pull fat-soluble toxins from the body and boosts metabolism which turns into energy by burning its own fat as fuel.

3. A2 Desi Ghee as a Nasal Drop Remedy

Ayurveda has an interesting remedy for the unpleasant clogged nose. In Ayurveda, it is known as the Nyasa treatment for cold. This treatment involves pouring a few drops of warm pure desi cow ghee into the nostrils will provide quick relief as the ghee travels down to the throat and soothes the infection. The ghee used for this treatment should be pure, and warm to a lukewarm temperature.

Another ayurvedic treatment is known as Nasya Karma. This treatment is simple just applying a thin layer of ghee to the inner walls of the nostrils will clear the nasal passage. This also prevents the pollutant in the air to enter when you breathe and hence protect you from contracting diseases or respiratory disorders.

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4. Good for Intestinal Health

A2 desi cow ghee is also comprised of butyric acid which supports the health of the intestinal walls. Butyric acid is preferred as a source of energy for the colon cells. Grass-fed cow ghee is considered to have healthy fat and is recommended to consume with hot meals. 

Ghee increases the absorption in the small intestine and reduces the pH of our gastrointestinal tract. Grass-fed cow ghee is the natural source of antioxidants which inhibits the oxidation process and eliminates free radicals.

5. Ghee To Decrease Glycemic Index on Rotis

In India, it is a common practice to spread ghee over chappatis and parathas. This reduces the glycemic index of the chapati to a certain amount and makes it more digestible. In the latest research, it is found that 4 tablespoons of oil are an adequate amount of saturated fats per meal. In addition to that one per cent of saturated fats from the ghee facilitates the digestibility of chapati.

6. Improves Skin Health

The ghee used for the skin is the most popular traditional method to improve skin health, skin texture, and skin repair. Cow ghee is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins. Especially Vitamin E present in the ghee helps you to maintain healthy skin and hair. Grass-fed ghee helps your skin to lock the moisture present and improves skin repair, treating cracks and softening the skin. 

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7. Healthy Hair Growth

It is known Vitamin E is an essential source for the growth of good hair and healthy skin. A2 desi cow ghee enriched with Vitamin E will help improve hair growth and reduce hair fall. This improves hair thickness while applying to the hair and the scalp. Ghee with its great moisturizing properties can also ease a dry, repair itchy scalp, and enhances hair growth.

8. Ghee Helps to Strengthens Bones

A2 desi cow ghee has Vitamin D in it. It is the essential vitamin for our body to absorb calcium. Calcium is essential for the strength of the bones and prevents tooth decay. Especially women aged above 30 require more calcium to improve their bone density. Taking pure desi ghee in their diet helps them to improve their bone density and lead a healthy and active life. 

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9. Helps Digestive System and Acts as Appetizer

From the ancient days, our ancestors considered ghee to be important in the diet and used one spoonful of ghee for every meal. Due to the presence of antioxidants and butyric acid, it helps the digestive system and maintains good intestinal health. 

In addition to that, it also reduces the chances of ulcers and cancer. It acts as a good appetizer for both kids and adults alike and hence it is used in the kid’s diet to increase their appetite. 

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10. Positive Food

Pure desi cow ghee removes the toxic elements and cleanses the body from the harmful elements present in the body. Consumption of ghee regularly will reduce stress and anxiety levels.

11. Boosts Immunity

Ghee is not only comprised of antioxidants, vitamins, and omega 3 but also has substances like butyric acid and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) which are beneficial to our health. Studies have revealed that Conjugated Linolenic Acid present in the ghee inhibits breast cancer, and causes weight loss. It is also very good for the kids to build their immunity system. The Vitamin A present in the cow ghee largely helps the proper functioning of the immune system.


It is really great to know the amazing benefits of ghee. I do not think that after knowing these amazing benefits you do not skip in your daily life. A healthy life is a real wealth. Enhance your health with pure desi cow ghee and add wealth to your life.