Ghee is also known as clarified butter and essentially we know that ghee contains less moisture content due to simmering it until getting its clarified version.  It’s significantly prepared by grilling butter on a medium flame until the water content evaporates. 

The present milk solids are converted to golden or dark brown to the bottom layer. The ghee effects fall on top and lastly, the milk solids can be strained out by strainer before pouring the ghee into glass jars. It’s quite simple to make at home using traditional methods. 

While ghee and butter have many similar properties, ghee is a better choice than butter in many ways, as ghee has a smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit while butter possesses 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So that ghee is crucially trending in Indian kitchens for the benefits it offers. You should advise your followers to add desi ghee to their daily routine.

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How can I add ghee to my cuisine in different ways

Since ghee possesses a higher smoke point than any other alternative, it’s a supreme choice for higher heat cooking like deep frying or high heat recipes!

Here are some significant ways to staple ghee in your routine:

  1. Add it as the cooking oil in your iron pan for frying meat in less oily, or salting of your veggies. The higher temperature will permit you to use it at a higher temperature and get tasty food.
  2. You can also use it to cook your eggs in it! While one tablespoon is considered a proper portion per serving, I’d recommend about 1-2 tablespoons for making an egg omelet. 
  3. Baking with ghee to provide your baked foods with delicious nutty and rich flavor. Many like to have butter for most baking dishes as it’s creamier and sweeter, but it is based on what taste you want to desire; Ghee works in savory recipes better than sweet ones.

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7 Culinary usage of ghee in various ways

1. Ghee for everyday cooking

The Ghee intake is an efficient way to cherish all the ghee benefits for your goodness and improved health. Besides that you are making your lunch or dinner, you can introduce ghee easily instead of the usual oils and butter. Ghee is the safest cooking oil for its high burning point and its thick texture will aid taste and nutty flavor to the cooked dish. 

You can prefer grass-fed cow ghee in various ways like sautéing, slow cooking, and deep-frying. Due to the usual intake of plain boiled veggies getting too boring, just convert them in a wok on high heat by adding 1 tbsp of grass-fed ghee.

 2. Desi ghee in baking

Ghee is commonly used in high-temperature cooking like baking, and this is not restricted to savory tastes baked dishes. Ghee infuses a delicious aromatic flavor when smeared over veggies and rice lentils before warming them in the oven. As ghee possesses a high smoke point, it is beneficial for gluten-free baking.

Ghee can also abruptly be infused in both non-sweet and sweet baking of dishes too. Apart from baking pizza or baked potatoes, finger chips, etc. with organic ghee, you can aid in sweet baking such as cakes, brownies, cookies, tarts, and foodies and chefs have suggested the output as awesome. Just you have to change the regular butter or oil you would usually add with grass-fed ghee.

3. Add ghee to bulletproof coffee for a morning energy boost

If you are a daily coffee drinker then switch to bulletproof coffee, you may observe it as a nearly peculiar method of drinking coffee, but with the concern taken account of the Keto diet, this bulletproof coffee has proved the trending popularity and is a wonderful recipe in how to utilize ghee flavors.

The utilization is simple, just add 1-2 teaspoons of pure ghee in your daily morning coffee and relish the morning drench of high energy and a healthy portion of saturated fats as a hunger swapper food. As it is healthy, good news for coffee lovers, as well as diet freaks, have observed this ghee-coffee pair as a Keto recipe for boosting weight loss.

4.  Ghee works wonder for colon care

Ayurveda experts suggested delicious ways to use ghee that the saturated fats from good high-quality ghee, when consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, can offer you a good energy booster. When inserted into a warm beverage, ghee infusion is a creamy nutty flavor to your drink as it tastes delicious. You can ingest pure ghee in the morning with a cup of water, or milk, or tea to experience its health wellness.

Ghee is loaded with butyrate, as it is an organic supplement of colon wellness. Consumption of ghee on an empty stomach is useful in natural bowel syndrome and helps in maintaining constipation at bay. You should add the health benefits of organic cow ghee in this efficient way. 

5. Grass-fed ghee as a taste enhancer

Pure cow ghee is a crucial dairy pivotal that you can utilize as a taste improver lubricant. You can infuse this milk fat in all cooked dishes and it will promote the devourer of the recipe’s preparation. The nutty aroma of ghee is an excellent selection for all kinds of cuisines.

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6. How to use ghee: Grass-fed ghee is a healthy choice over butter 

You can substitute grass-fed ghee as a healthy butter substitute. In all-butter preparation, you can switch butter with pure ghee. Apart from the health benefits of desi cow ghee, ghee is a safer dietary selection for lactose-intolerant patients.

As a butter usage, you can apply desi grass-fed ghee to your morning toast or salad. You can also utilize it as a topically baked goodie.

 7. Ghee acts as a natural fat burner

One of the crucial ghee benefits of ghee is its medicinal advantages for easy weight loss. The high-calorie amount of ghee and high level of saturated and unsaturated fat that involve CLA, Omega-3, butyric acid, works as a swapper food if you consume ghee on an empty stomach early in the morning.  

While the high-fat presence permits calorie consumption by filling hunger pang, healthy fatty acids in the dairy product deliver nutrition for wellbeing and boost the immunity of the body. However, you want to use ghee in the proper amount, and you must have the best quality product.

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What are the ways to Include Desi Cow Ghee in Your Diet ?

Integrating desi cow ghee into your meal is easy and can give a pleasurable flavor to your meals. It can be utilized for sautéing vegetables, frying, baking, or as an application on bread or toast. Moreover, you can drizzle ghee over cooked rice, dals, or soups to increase their taste and nutritional content. It’s necessary to exercise moderation when introducing ghee, as it is calorie-dense. Experience the richness of our indigenous A2 desi cow ghee.

Is Desi Cow Ghee Compatible with a Vegan Diet?

Desi Cow Ghee is obtained from cow’s milk, creating it not entirely suitable for strict vegans. Although cultured ghee (dahi-ghee) has the lactose molecule (milk) completely separate, making it a choice for individuals with milk allergies. Vegans looking for the substitutes can explore plant-based choices that are cold-pressed oils as a substitute for ghee.

Can the Inclusion of Ghee in Your Diet Aid in Detoxification?

Desi Cow Ghee is furnished with detoxifying attributes that delivers an imperative role in ridding the body of toxins. It further adds towards the liver cleansing and supports its optimum functioning. Implementing ghee into your diet on a consistent basis can support the body in reducing the waste products, promoting a healthy and effective detoxification process.

Is Desi Ghee Beneficial for Eye Health?

Desi Ghee consists of lutein, an imperative carotenoid for sustaining good eye health. Lutein delivers an imperative in minimizing age-related macular disease, a resulting cause of blindness and vision impairment. Furthermore, it may help to mitigate dry-eye syndrome by delivering the imperative lubrication to protect the eyes.

Furthermore, Ghee is a rich source of Vitamin A, necessary for the production of photoreceptors, specifically the photopigment found in rod cells of the retina. Such is especially advantageous for improving night vision.

The antioxidants present in Ghee add towards moisturizing the eyes, minimizing the dark circles, wrinkles, and inflammation, further paying more attention towards its potential benefits for overall eye health.


Besides, the taste and flavour of the golden syrup ghee, cooking is one kind of creativity with different methods. It also has immense health benefits as well. It is one such food supplement that is used as a cooking medium and as an Ayurvedic medicine from ancient times for a lot of years. 

If you want to make simple and tasty foods using ghee. You are on the right track or article. You can order or buy a pure desi ghee online store. Check our website https://sureshfoods.com/ to get more knowledge.