10 Amazing Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee

10 Amazing Benefits of Desi Ghee

Ghee is rising as a superfood because it’s loaded in healthy fats & powerful healthy elements. But did you know that desi cow ghee offers gorgeous beauty benefits as well? Here in this article, we will discuss the beauty benefits of ghee for skin, hair & more in this post!

It is also known as clarified butter, desi ghee is highly sacred in Ayurveda as a medicine that has immense beauty benefits. It’s not like any other fat out there – it is a true moisturizing ancient health food that’s rich in the following health factors:

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It’s time to add desi ghee as a healthy cooking fat to get positive results from it! It not only has health benefits but is also famous in beauty therapies, though! The point of this article is to explore the amazing benefits of ghee we will discuss it below:

10 Amazing Benefits of Desi Ghee 

1. Wrinkle-Free Skin

Consuming ghee as a bread spread, cooking healthy fat, or in a cup of milk with a spoonful of desi ghee moisturizes your skin from the inside out, keeping it supple and smooth! It includes nutrients like vitamin E that offer anti-aging properties.

2. Moisturizes Dry Skin

Do you have problems with the driest, flakiest skin? Grab a jar of organic cow ghee because it is very effective on such problems! It absorbs right into the skin and its fats offer a protective coating that heals dry skin, prevents it from harsh wind/cold, and prohibits dehydration of its outer layer.

You can try pure ghee topically onto your skin as a face mask for great moisturizing effects. If your skin is dry, tight, and has painful itchiness, mask the layer of the best ghee to soothe your skin. For better output, add a few drops of your essential oil like lavender or rose to the desi ghee spoon. 

Note down, for one tbsp of desi cow ghee, you should take about 3-6 drops of essential oil – don’t go above that ratio.

3. Body Massage

In Ayurveda, desi cow ghee is one of the best massagers you can use to refresh the feel of your body. Desi ghee massages to the body are effective for an hour before a shower/bath daily or weekly for its health and beauty results! It supports your skin looking lush while combating varicose veins, cellulite, and other skin issues.

Massage with grass-fed ghee all over your skin (to mask its scent, please use essential oils) an hour before rinsing your skin. This maintains your body health by enhancing blood circulation & nourishes your nerves by deeply moisturizing them.

4. Offers Skin Softness Ever

If you are working to get soft skin, you must apply pure desi ghee on your skin. One of the best solutions you can use for skin as soft as a baby is a GHEE! In India, where Ayurveda begins, people nourish their baby’s skin with desi cow ghee as a natural bath oil that is enriched with nutrients for a healthy body, skin, and hair.

Bath Oil : Place ¼ cup of grass-fed cow ghee in a container and insert 15 drops of lavender essential oil. You can use this to a warm bath for 15 minutes and results in the softest well-moisturized skin ever!

5. Use Ghee as a Hair Conditioner

Super dry, dehydrated, and damaged hair can be recovered if you apply desi cow ghee as a hair conditioner. Don’t hesitate about its buttery aroma because its hair conditioning and rejuvenating results are nothing short of marvellous!

Massage desi cow ghee on your hair roots and length, wait for an hour then shampoo your hair twice to get out of excess oils. Try an organic sulfate-free shampoo for rinsing. Try this every time for every wash of your hair and use this organic desi ghee to moisturize your hair and cure damaged hair quickly.

6. Eye Brightener

Do your eyes appear dull and tired? Here’s an impactive beauty secret from India – apply a small amount of desi cow ghee around your eyes overnight. The next morning, wash your face, and Wowza! Your eyes will look glowing, the skin around the eyes gets soft and supple.

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7. Acts As a Lip Balm

If you’re searching for a natural lip balm that is a super lubricator – it’s desi ghee.  It nourishes the skin deeply with its moisturizing fats, it does the same for chapped lips. Apply a small portion of desi cow ghee for your lips to lubricate them easily. No more chapsticks required! Who knows what type of chemicals are added inside them?

8. Fast Recovery to Burns

Desi cow ghee is a very resulting remedy for soothing burns – whether it’s small kitchen burns from the stovetop or sunburn. Just try a suitable quantity for your skin. Keep reapplying after you rinse your skin. It’s said to offer faster healing and even protect a bad burn scar mark!

9. Useful to Treat Eczema

Grass-fed cow ghee is more than an exceptional moisturizer. It also cures eczema! If you are suffering from itchy eczema, then use pure ghee on its masks to keep those patches nourished. Consuming grass-fed cow ghee is also helpful to reduce inflammation from inside your system and eczema is an inflammatory skin issue so apply the best ghee to treat eczema from spreading.

10. Cure Dark Lips

Another amazing beauty benefit of desi ghee is it’s said to cure lightening dark lips! Many people say it is useful to reduce dark lips when applied regularly. Rub a small amount of desi cow ghee on your lips by fingertip. After that, you can use a lip scrub to exfoliate dead cells. 


Isn’t this great? In a world where people were neglecting ghee because they trusted in the myths of ghee even before using it, did you ever think even organic cow ghee could be utilized as a beauty enhancer? Now that you are aware of its immense beauty benefits. 

One should have to try a 100% trusted grass-fed cow ghee prepared with the help of wooden churning using the old bilona process. To reap the beauty benefits purchase a jar of premium A2 Sahiwal cow ghee here: https://sureshdesighee.com/