Benefits of Using Ghee As Nasal Drops (Nasya Treatment)

Benefits of Using Ghee As Nasal Drops :

Desi Ghee has been extensively used in Indian kitchens. However, ghee has many other usages apart from being a part of the food to make us healthy inside out. Ayurveda suggests that Pure Desi Cow Ghee can be used for Massage and as Nasal Drops. 

The benefits of using desi cow ghee as Nasal Drops are many. It treats white hairs, hair fall, migraine, tension headache, trigeminal neuralgia tinnitus, hearing problems, and vision problems, to treat lack of memory and concentration.

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Two drops of pure cow ghee are put into both nostrils, in the morning  30 minutes before breakfast. This practice is called Nasya Treatment. Ghee in the nasal is used for Nasal drop therapy and can be continued for 2 to 3 weeks of time. 

Nasya treatment is not advisable in weather full of clouds or the winter season. Even when a person has any diseases like cough and cold etc. related to nasals, Nasya treatment is not recommended.

What is Pure Desi Cow Ghee?

Desi ghee is obtained from simmering butter or cream and removing the impurities, leaving a golden substance. However, when we talk about Pure Desi Cow Ghee, it actually takes some extra effort to get real ghee. 

Pure ghee is obtained by the traditional ghee-making process, where milk is collected from grass-fed desi cows. 70% of milk is taken for making ghee and 30% is left for the calf. Then this milk is boiled on a slow flame for hours to get an 80% consistency of the milk. In the next step, this boiled milk is fermented and curd is made out of it. 

The next morning, this curd is churned with wooden churners to obtain the unsalted butter. This butter is then simmered on high flame to remove the impurities from the same and living a golden substance which is Real Ghee. This Ghee is 100% organic, no preservatives or adjectives are used.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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Organic Ghee or Pure Desi Cow Milk Ghee has many medicinal properties within. As described in Ayurveda, pure ghee or clarified butter has the healing benefits of butter without impurities. 

It can fight inflammation, promote flexibility, enhance digestion, bolster the immune system, and much more benefits of ghee we can get when we induce a spoon of desi ghee in our daily diet.

In India, ghee is a sacred symbol of auspiciousness used medicinally as well as in cooking, VanGilder reports. It also makes appearances in ancient texts including the Mahabharata, in which it is described as an essence flowing through and sustaining the world.

Desi Cow Ghee uses balance Vata and Pitta Dosha. Nasya treatment is an effective therapy for ear, nose & throat diseases.

Benefits of Nasyam :

How does Nasya treatment works?

The medicament administered through the nostrils pervades into the nervous (Brain) and venous system (Blood circulation) present in and around the nostrils. Then they evacuate the morbidity present or distributed in a nearby area. Thus it relieves the blockage of the channels and the diseases are cured effectively.

As advised by a doctor, Nasya treatment can be done at home; but it will have fewer side effects if done by an experienced therapist.

The procedure of Nasya can be categorized under three steps,

1. Poorvakarma or pre purificatory measures

Includes facial massage or overwhelm of steam to face, forehead, head, ears, and neck. This helps to reduce the adhesive doshas.

2. Pradhanakarma or main procedure of Nasya

This is the important step of Nasya treatment and includes the installation of lukewarm medication in both nostrils one by one, a proper instrument like a dropper you can use. After the administration of drugs the sole, shoulder, neck, ear, and palm are gently massaged.

3. Paschat Karma or post-therapeutic measures

In this procedure, patients’ mouths are cleaned using lukewarm water by gargling, and then the inhalation process is provided by medicated smoke.

What are the benefits of Nasya Treatment?

Nasya treatment help managing several ENT medical problems including :

Pain Management : Nasya treats tension headaches, migraine and cervical spondylosis.

Stress Reduction : Nasya stimulates the vital centers of the brain that regulate emotions and control stress.

Detoxification: Nasyam is one of the Punchakarmas and is indicated as an important Ayurvedic Detoxification therapy.

Skin & hair care: By using this treatment on a regular basis, Nasyam can enhance skin texture or whitening. It can also improve hair texture and prevent greying of hair and also get rid of any scalp infections.

Paralysis: As suggested in Ayurveda, the nose is the opening to interconnection with the brain, any medicine instilled in the nasal cavity acts directly on the brain.

Aging care: Ayurvedic Nasya treatment in panchakarma can be useful in disorders that develop with aging such as pain, paralysis, stress, etc.

Immunity: By the use of immunity-boosting herbs for the Nasyam effect can be a muse in people who show low Immunity.

Eye Care: Medications advised through the nasal cavity act on the specific connectivity to the brain that helps in stimulating in regulating vision.

Mental Health: Nasya the panchakarma treatment to the nostrils acts on the part of the brain to promote good mood and emotions.

Using Desi Ghee as Nasal drop :

Nasya does treat a few skin and hair problems like white hair & hair fall. Nasya treatment with pure cow ghee increases immunity and strengthens the immune system.

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In Ayurveda, Nasya is considered one of the most important holistic self-care which encourages internal detoxification. Many Vaiya’s (Vaidyas) consider Nasya as a part of the Ayurvedic daily routine and conduct it every day by putting 3-5 drops of warm desi ghee or sesame seed oil into each nostril in the morning. Nasya helps to lubricate the nasal passage, clean out sinuses and mucus, and improve voice, mental clarity and vision.

What are the benefits of Nasya Treatment ?

Nasya treatment is considered as part of both Panchakarma  that is deep cleansing practices & Dinacharya known as daily routines treatment in Ayurveda which has shown to have profound effect on the mind and respiratory system by curing 

– Premature wrinkles & dryness of the face
– Enhances sleep 
– Mitigates fear and anxiety
– Ebergises the brain and eyes
– Sinusitis
– Allergens
– Balances disorders of Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Nasya treatment helps in providing a protection layer around us and therefore helps to shield us from getting sick, bolstering our immune system and vitality and our capability to inhibit illness and disease. Hence, such makes nasya as a part of a Dinacharya that is a daily routine.

Nasya is used to cure which ailments ?

Nasya treatment consists of the capabilities to retrieve our consciousness back to the current scenarios and treats absent-mindedness, mostly related with Vata disorders and also commonly for respiratory congestion or consistent migraine headaches including :
* Hassle in concentration
* Indecisiveness
* Suffering or aches at the back of the throat
* Scar tissue in the airways due to inhalation of harmful substances or pollution
* Energises motor organs if suffered from stroke

Summary of “The goodness of Ghee”:

Things we don’t know or don’t bother to know about GheeMost common myths about Ghee and where you should banish them
Ghee has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Apart from helping you recover from sickness, it ensures that you don’t fall sick.Ghee is fattening – Desi ghee by nature is lipolytic, which breaks down fat. And this is due to its peerless short-chain fatty acid structure.
The antioxidants in Ghee make it the miraculous anti-wrinkling and anti-aging therapy you were searching for.Ghee is saturated fat – It’s saturated fat, yes, but with such a unique structure that it really helps mobilize fats from stubborn fat areas of the body. Not a saturated fat like trans-fats in your biscuits, pizza, cakes, etc.
Ghee is excellent for joint health as it lubricates & oxygenates them.Ghee will raise cholesterol – Ghee reduces cholesterol by increasing the contribution of lipids towards metabolism. The liver produces excess cholesterol under stress. Desi ghee helps you de-stress, sleep better or wake up fresher.
Desi ghee improves your satiety signal and ensures you eat the right amount of food.Desi ghee is good, but must not eat it too much – Traditionally we add Ghee in each meal. The quantity at which the taste and fragrance of food are best is the right quantity. Only your stomach and tongue can tell you that.
Ghee takes nutrients from your food & deliver them through fat permeable membranes like in the brain.Ghee is harmful to the heart – Rich in antioxidants, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, D,K Ghee has just what you need for a healthy heart.