Benefits of Drinking Ghee (clarified butter) on an Empty Stomach

Benefits of Drinking Ghee on an Empty Stomach

We all had a habit of eating or drinking something after getting up from bed. It can be a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon or a cup of green tea which keep us healthy. Some of us like to have a cup of coffee or tea which gives a kick start to our day. 
People often choose a homemade remedy to clean up the system and stay healthy. It is the first thing you eat or consume when your stomach is empty. “Cow ghee promotes memory, intellect, power of digestion, semen, ojas, kapha and fat. It alleviates vata, pitta, toxic conditions, insanity, consumption and fever. It is the best of all the unctuous substances”.

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If I suggest you have a 5 to 10 ml desi ghee empty stomach in the morning, it will really help you clean your system and give you healthy skin and hair. That is because it is believed that ghee is full of protein and FAT and consuming it empty stomach can cause digestive problems. HOWEVER, on the contrary, AYURVEDA suggests we have a small amount of desi ghee empty stomach to correct the digestive problems ( if you have any). 

This practice of having desi ghee in the morning will not only help you with your digestion problems but will also give you silky shiny hairs. Ghee adds a fragrance and flavour to your traditional dishes. In fact, it is also used for the purpose of Puja, Yagna, and other holy rituals. A tablespoon of ghee every morning with hot water can provide you with a lot of health benefits.

As per Ayurveda, drinking ghee on an empty stomach treats the body like Rasa. Rasa could be a major source of nutrition for every single cell inside the body. It enhances the method of cell rejuvenation that helps in the healing process of the body. Rasa contains 5 elements that form the bottom of Ayurveda – space, air, fire, water, and earth. 

Rasa features a great effect on skin and hair. It’s highly recommended in Ayurveda to consume pure desi cow ghee within the morning on an empty stomach. The ghee cleanser is one of the natural ways to cleanse your body.

How to drink Ghee :

  • Take pure desi cow ghee in a spoon. Ideally, a teaspoon of ghee is enough.
  • Gently warm a teaspoon of ghee, so it will then become liquid.
  • Drink the spoonful of ghee with a quandary in the morning
  • Do not eat anything for a half-hour after drinking the ghee
  • Are you visiting to contain desi cow ghee in your morning routine as well? make sure that you get only 100% pure grass-fed desi cow ghee.

NOTE : You must wait to eat anything for half an hour after consuming ghee.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, ghee lubricates every tissue and every cell in your body. You probably didn’t know, but ghee also builds the immune system, which is called Ojas in Ayurveda.

What is Rasa ?

Rasa is more than fluid, it is nourishment. Sugar and nutrients mix with the plasma and are carried by vyana vayu to all of the tissues of the body.  As such, when rasa dhatu is healthy, a person feels satiated. The satisfaction one feels is both physical and psychological – Refer

It is vata and pitta doshas that are the cause of rasa dhatu depletion. Vata dosha, made up of air and ether, enters the rasa dhatu and dries it out. Pitta dosha, made up primarily of fire, enters the rasa dhatu and burns it out. 

Since Desi Cow Ghee is considered an old medicine for Vata and Pitta dosha in Ayurveda. It is suggested by the practitioners that you should consume a little amount of Desi Ghee in the morning empty stomach to heal your body and nourish your body with correct RASA.

Why drink ghee first thing in the morning?

When you wake up, your body is ready to make juice-fresh, nutritious juices of the body. Juice then passes the tissue nutrition. When all these tissues get oil or ghee, then every cell of the body is lubricated, it softens hair and makes skin softer and silky-smooth.

My Story:

I had very dry skin, and during cold weather, dryness worsened. All products on the market for foreign products I’ve tried, but these products have helped me only temporarily. I didn’t know it could be some internal when I discovered Ayurveda I organic cow drink start drinking 1 or 2 teaspoons of ghee and the results were: coming soon me differently because my skin is not dry and now my breakdown or popping sound added.

The body has its own process and during the 6 months treatment with lubrication 1. Try to drink the ghee for a month and share it in such a way that you feel.

According to Ayurveda

Why drink Ghee empty stomach in the morning:
  1. Ghee creates Rasa the first nourishing juice in the morning
  2. The nourishing juice nourished and strengthens all the tissues
  3. It lubricates the joints, stop cracking and popping joints by removing excess Vasa
  4. It removes dryness of the skin by hydrating the skin internally
  5. After drinking ghee empty stomach one should wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything.
  6. Drink 5 to 10 ml of ghee, as it’s best for the body to absorb slowly and can be taken for a long period of time
  7. Ghee has amazing quality to lubricate the gastrointestinal tract, all tissues and removes toxins called Ama
Pure Desi Cow Ghee :
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Ghee pacifies Vata and Pitta doshas in the body

Cow ghee’s properties (sweet taste, cold nature, sweet aftertaste with oily, soft, heavy qualities) mean it is an excellent pacifier of aggravated Vata and Pitta doshas in the body. As these doshas are responsible for causing most diseases, ghee is a valuable dietary aid in bringing them back into balance.  

For example, ghee aids in the elimination of waste products due to it having both a laxative and diuretic effect on the body (due to its sweet taste). Its oily nature is also helpful in ensuring Vata dosha moves in a downward motion as it is supposed to.

Ghee’s properties act to keep the digestive tract lubricated,  alleviate hardness in bowels and reduce flatulence and bloating- all symptoms of aggravated Vata. Ghee’s laxative quality is especially useful in pregnancy when constipation can be experienced. Although ghee’s properties increase Kapha dosha, in moderation, ghee balances all the dosas.

Ghee nourishes both body and mind :
Ghee nourishes both body and mind

Ghee’s sweet nature is responsible for it increasing all body tissues, ojas, semen, breast milk, promoting strength, normalising the blood and lymph, as well as being beneficial for the eyes, hair and skin. In Ayurveda, the sweet taste is the only taste to stimulate anabolic (growth) activity, increasing all body tissues, due to the predominance of the earth element.  

Of utmost importance is the fact that ghee increases ojas in the body, which is the underlying basis of immunity and the essence of all bodily tissues. Dr Vasant Lad writes, “As ghee is the pure essence of milk, in the same way, ojas is the pure essence of the dhatus”.

Ghee’s highly nourishing property explains its importance in the Ayurvedic monthly pregnancy regime according to the Ayurvedic sages. Ghee is recommended, along with milk, honey and rice, for the expectant mother. Such sweet, soft, cold and tasty foods maintain the mother’s health, pacify vata dosha, nourish the foetus and aid lactation.  

Similarly, the combination of black lentils cooked with ghee was considered by the Ayurvedic masters to be the equivalent of eating meat and was recommended to increase semen. On a more subtle level, the sweet taste also produces satisfaction in the body, leading to a feeling of contentment in both body and mind.

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Ghee increases the digestive fire (Ayurvedic concept of agni)

“Ghee is excellent for stimulating the gastric fire. If the gastric fire is kindled by fuel in the form of ghee, then it cannot be suppressed even by too heavy food”.

Considering the importance of wholesome food in general, ghee’s role in increasing the capacity to digest food (agni) is very important in Ayurvedic preventative health. Without proper functioning of agni, no benefit can be gained from food, and toxins (ama) resulting from poor digestion are involved in many diseases. 

Our strength and quality of life are totally dependent on having good agni. One or two teaspoonfuls of ghee in food not only provides nourishment to the body in itself but also increase this capacity to nourish the body with food. 

What is truly special about the effect of ghee increasing agni is that it does so without aggravating pitta dosha (the fire element) in the body. Instead, ghee balances the different types of Agnis found in the body, the main type of which can be correlated with the digestive enzymes.

Ghee lubricates other foods

Charaka’s first rule for eating is that food should be warm (Ayurveda does not favour a predominance of raw, cold and heavy to digest food!). His second guiding principle is that food must be unctuous (or oily) so that it is not only delicious but also provokes agni, getting digested quickly, and also helping the downward movement of Vata dosha.  

Such unctuous food also has the effect of increasing the plumpness of the body, strengthening sense faculties, promoting strength and brightening the complexion. Ghee has the quality of Snigdha (oiliness), which makes it nurturing, lubricating and smooth. It also increases Kapha dosha, making the skin soft and the voice melodious. 

In contrast to ghee, foods such as rice, vegetables, and pulses are not at all oily and only considered to nourish the body and mind in combination with ghee.  Without ghee, pulses are likely to cause flatulence and aggravate Vata dosha. This is why Ayurveda advocates the use of pulses, vegetables, and rice with ghee or some other unctuous substance to add to both taste and nutritional value.

Benefits of drinking ghee with hot water:

  • Soft and glowing skin – The natural moisturizing quality of ghee is cause for glowing skin. The essential concept that goes on inside our body reflects on the skin is applicable here. Cleansing the body from the within is among the foremost important tasks that ghee with warm water on an empty stomach performs.
  • Improved blood circulation – The consumption of desi cow ghee with hot water on an empty stomach in the morning promotes blood circulation to the whole body. It also reduces the creation of free radicals in the body cells.
  • Joint lubrication – Ghee could be a natural lubrication agent. After the consumption of ghee regularly, promotes the formation of lubricants in the bones’ joints. Ghee also increases calcium absorption for bone health. 
  • Lowered cholesterol – Ghee is incredibly rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The consumption of this ghee is important in removing the bad cholesterol inside the body.
  • Improved nerve cell activity – For correct maintenance and improvement of brain cells, fat is important. Ghee is taken into account as the simplest source of fat as compared to the other fats. The proteins from the ghee also enhance the creation of neurotransmitters. These keep the nerve endings active. Ghee also helps in improving memory.
  • Suitable for genetic abnormality – Ghee is helpful for genetic disease likewise. Folks that are lactose intolerant can easily consume ghee.
  • Regulates Healthy Cells – The consistency of ghee is rich in calcium, healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, E, and K. With the aim of providing the support to the health of the body’s cells, ghee intake on an empty stomach is advantageous. Furthermore, consuming ghee on an empty stomach can aid in keeping the body well-hydrated. Hence, it can resist skin dryness, roughness and decrease wrinkles and pimples and acne occurring to skin.
  • Improves Brain Health – In order to regulate brain function, ghee proves to be beneficial. More than half of the brain consists of fat, and to enable the proper functioning of the nerve cells, the brain requires optimal levels of fatty acids. The brain tends to get the essential nutrition from ghee’s sufficient fat consistency. Furthermore, it preserves brain hydration, improving mental agility, focus and attention. Moreover, the presence of vitamin E in ghee’s works like magic when consumed on an empty stomach to protect the brain from diseases.
  • Protects From Infections – Works wonders as ghee has been utilized as a medicine for ages and may be able to protect you from constant chest, throat, and nose allergies. When consumed during an empty stomach, ghee provides warmth to the body and supports tin curing the minor illnesses such as the fever and common cold.
  • Supports to Deal With Arthritis Pain – Those people who are suffering from arthritis can also avail utility from the use of ghee and avail relief from regular aches and pains. The consistency of Omega-3 fatty acids present in ghee supports individuals with osteoporosis feeling less inflamed. Those women who are deficient in calcium may also avail well being from it. The calcium requirements can be satisfied by intaking one spoonful of ghee regularly every morning before breakfast. One of the properties of ghee is that it lubricates the tissues and joints, releases discomfort and cramping along with also strengthening bones and supporting in weight loss.