Beauty secrets of Flax Seeds

Beauty secrets of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds – micro sized powerhouses that will make your skincare regime worth every effort. We all know various health benefits of Flax seeds; but Flax seeds has many beauty secretes too.

This seed has been used since ancient times, through ancient civilizations and cultures. Archaeological evidence suggests the use of flax seeds since the times of Nefertiti in Egypt.
Usually cultivated for the naturally strong fiber, flax or “Tisi” or “Alsi” as it was known in India, was used to augment the diet of the hard working villagers.

Flax seeds are available in two varieties—brown and golden, both of which contain almost similar nutritional characteristics and fatty acids. The only exception to this rule is one golden or yellow flax seed, Linola (Solin), that boasts of a completely different oil profile. This variety is exceptionally low in Omega-3 fatty acids.

This was a little introduction of these wonder seeds. Now, please follow for Beauty Secrets of Flax Seeds:

  1. Highly Nutritious : Flax seeds are filled with Omega 3 Fatty acid and Fiber to keep your digestive system working well. They actually contain alpha lineoic acids, to be specific. This acid helps to reduce the inflammations that cause chronic heart ailments, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and it even helps guard your body against cancers—colon cancer to be more specific.
  2. Imparts a Glow to the Skin : Omega 3 fatty acids present in flax seeds give you naturally healthy glowing skin.
  3. Reduce wrinkles and Fine Lines : Antioxidants presents in Flax seeds give us anti-aging benefits. Having a spoonful of grounded flax seeds can make you age gracefully.
  4. Heal Rashes : Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds effectively speed up the healing process in our body. This is further assisted by the strong anti-inflammatory properties of this seed. Thus applying a paste of grounded flax seeds with coconut oil or olive oil on the affected area can bring down the skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, and redness within a few uses.
  5. Treats Acne : Flax Seeds expertly handle the production of the sebum—the culprit. This oily substance is produced by the skin and is responsible for providing moisture to our skin. But when uncontrolled can attract dirt and other impurities, causing the formation of an acne.
  6. Rejuvenates skin : Flaxseeds is touted to be one of the strongest exfoliants and using it topically can help get rid of the dead skin, leaving you with a flaunt-worthy skin.
  7. Provides A Healthier Skin Tone : Does your skin look dull and lifeless? Flaxseeds might help brighten it. This seed has moisturizing properties, all thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds prevent our skin from drying out. It also helps get rid of that unwanted tan and uneven skin tone
  8. Pore Minimization : Flaxseeds consist of nutrients that restores the skin, which supports in minimizing pores and tones up the skin.
  9. Calms Irritated Skin : One of the benefits are the anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseeds that helps calm skin irritation and itchiness.
  10. Provides Moisturization : Flaxseeds are proven to be the best moisturizers because of their omega-3 fatty acid consistency. Such fatty acids supports to lock in moisture in the skin’s upper layer, providing you with soft and smooth skin.
  11. Protection from Sun : Flaxseeds consist of a bulk amount of antioxidants that support combatting your skin from free radical damage led by sun exposure which also consist of omega-3 fatty acids that support in preventing UV damage to the skin.
  12. Enhances Complexion : Flaxseeds help to decrease hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and dark spots. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids provide the skin a natural glowing effect, keeping it hydrated.

You may add flax seed to your daily food to give you glowing skin from internal and make face packs to rejuvenate your skin from externally.